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  1. We have Sirius in the motor home and also in the tow'd. We do not have any problem with it in the car no matter where we are. The problem is in the MH. The radio goes in and out both when we are stationary and on the road. Pushing the mode button on the radio will sometimes bring is back but recently it is not coming back at all. Conversation with Sirius was fruitless. Conversation with Jensen (we have a VR 209 which is Sirius ready) suggested that I pull the radio and check the Sirius connection on the back of the radio. Jensen also suggested being careful as the MH mfg. may not have left enough cable for the radio to pulled completely out. Has anyone experienced the same problem and how did you solve it? I am saving pulling the radio as a last resort. I look forward to your input.
  2. Will be traveling to Quartzsite for the Gem show. Will be staying from Jan. 2013 to Feb. 2013. Any suggestions as to where to stay. We have a 40 footer and a towed. require 50 amp, water and sewer. Fred Sonntag.
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