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  1. We do not currently have any pets; however, I would be interested in a "group" plan offered by FMCA. As some of the other posters conveyed, it would definitely have to be cost effective. My wife and I are considering another dog(s) and would welcome a plan that would not be premium prohibitive and with many exclusions.
  2. I also use rvparkreviews.com often and have benefited greatly from its content. I did not know about Mr. Blue, but may he RIP.
  3. Congratulations on the CC. Great looking coach and the chassis is first rate. Safe travels.
  4. Congratulations on the "new to you" coach. Be safe and happy travels. Remember, the only question not asked is a dumb question.
  5. We last traveled the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel last October 2012 on our way to Houston, DE from Virginia Beach, VA. When we arrived at the toll booth, I was asked by the attendant if I had propane and was it turned off? I responded affirmatively, paid the toll and proceeded across the bay. The height of our motorhome is 13' 3" and we had no problems with the height restriction.
  6. Larry196, Check out this link. There are weep hole covers advertised. I recently ordered some from Monaco Parts in Oregon and this company may be one of their vendors. http://www.parkin-acc.com/page51.html
  7. Thanks for your post. You did state that 7 miles of dirt road awaits you prior to entering the ranch? Is this road RV friendly?
  8. Hi John, We owned a 2004 Country Coach Intrigue with the tag axle. Based on experience, it was a solidly built coach with the Cummins ISL 400 HP engine and Dynomax Chassis. The website you provided shows a great looking coach, both outside and inside. Since you are familiar with RVing based on your profile, may I suggest you have the coach inspected and weighed if possible to determine its real condition and weight. I know that there are RV inspectors there in Florida. Being the fact that its previous owner kept meticulous maintenance records, hopefully there will be no surprises. You mentioned the fact that six new tires would be installed if you purchased the unit. Pay attention to the batteries also. Best of luck.
  9. chuckles, I have evaluated the data provided by this outfit and have used it to analyze, among other research variables, various RVs before I made my first purchase of an RV in 2008. I do not believe that they are not reputable. It is surprising that your attempts to contact them, so far, have resulted in no response. When I had questions I would send an email and always received a response. May I suggest you send them a registered letter, with a return receipt, explaining the unique circumstances you have encountered and see what happens. If that method is not successful, then I would pursue the BBB for that area in Washington State and pursue the credit card dispute route. Best of luck.
  10. The passenger side wiper arm broke at the pivot shaft two weeks ago and I replaced both pivot shafts (driver's and passenger's) and wiper arms. Our motorhome is seven years old and time/usage took its toll (I guess). I contacted the motorhome manufacturer for all replacement parts.
  11. I agree with one of the poster's response to have all corners weighed. I too have a portable air compressor that I use to air up the tires should it be necessary.
  12. I'll weigh in on this topic briefly. We have been using the same extended service plan for our RVs since 2008 and there have been some disappointments in terms of payment for items we thought should have been covered; however, we have been satisfied overall. As one poster conveyed, research the different plans and read the "fine print." Upon further analysis of the particular exclusionary items on the policy we have, we understand the innerworkings the longer we have the policy. In addition, most if not all, require the owner to maintain the RV according to a particular maintenance schedule. These receipts and/or documentation may be necessary in case an inspector requires proof of maintenance. For us, it is insurance that is worth the risk. I do perform basic maintenance such as changing fuel filters, changing belts for engine and AC, annual maintenance on our aqua-hot heating system, changing both air and hydraulic filters and other minor upkeeps such as battery maintenance, etc. I sure do not want to get caught with paying out of pocket for a major repair such as an injector pump replacement or either major transmission or other engine issues. Best of luck in your decision making.
  13. We have a tag axle that is 40 feet in length and our GVWR is higher than a motorhome without a tag. For us the tag is a much more stable driving platform. In our previous MH, the tractor trailers passing us would usually affect our lateral stability. In the tag, we are much more stable. Let me be clear, we have even experienced sideways drift sometimes even when we are passed by the big rigs; however, it is not as pronounced. May I suggest you test drive and purchase what you think is best for you, Happy travels!!
  14. I agree with the previous posters' comments in regard to price and expediency. The only issue I had with them was that the item I was sent, i.e. Blue Ox adjustable drop receiver hitch, was not aligned (bolt holes) correctly. I contacted their customer service and never received a response. I contacted Blue Ox directly and they made everything right by sending me a correctly aligned drop receiver hitch. In turn I sent them, at their expense, the defective part I ordered from AdventureRV.net.
  15. We own a 2000 American Eagle DS and this is our first motorhome and diesel pusher. We are highly satisfied with its performance so far. Just like with any mechanical unit, there are going to be technical issues you must deal with such as routine chassis maintenance and regular coach upkeep.
  16. We have the SMI Air Force One and are highly satisfied with its operation so far. The unit was installed one year ago i.e. March 2010 and we tested its capability unexpectedly on I-95 heading north right outside Richmond, VA last November 2010. There was a sudden accident that had occurred directly in front of us and the system stopped our 7200 pound Hummer H2 propotionately with the motorhome without incident. My wife and I were glad that the system did what it was suppose to do. It sure made beleivers out of us.
  17. This is very informative. Thanks!!!
  18. I was researching the Internet and found two RV communities in Crossville, TN. One is The Gardens RV Village and the other is the Cumberland Mountain Preserve. Any information on either of these locations either pro or con would be appreciated. Happy Holidays!!!!
  19. I recently purchased two new steer tires in March 2010 with date codes of 4209. I specified, prior to purchase, that I did not want any tires more than six months old. The installer knew what I was referencing and contacted me when the tires arrived.
  20. Welcome. The wife and I are newbies as well and we look forward to reading and learning from this forum.
  21. Thanks for sharing this important information. We recently purchased the Pressure Pro system for six wheels and I will install it this weekend. We plan on adding a toad by mid-summer and I will purchase four additional tire monitors, and will also have my toad's valve stems changed over from rubber to metal.
  22. We just bought our first RV last December 2008. So far, we have brought the coach up-to-date on maintenance for the generator, chassis and engine (cummins). We both are federal employees, eligible for full retirement, and enjoy the outdoors. We have a yellow lab by the name of Columbus and looking forward to some serious road time this year.
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