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  1. Well it finally happened. With just over 24,000 miles on the car with just about 2000 of that being towed, the transmission fried. As with everyone else, the dealer is not aware of any problems with this tranny being towed. When I mentioned a baffle was needed in the tranny the service manager had a "baffled" look on his face and said the only TSB he knew of was the one to lower the transmission fluid to just above the "add" mark. If anyone has any TSB numbers concerning this problem or the part # of the baffle retrofit please reply. Thanks.
  2. Hello, Has anyone had any experience with the campgrounds or staying at Walmarts around Columbus OH and Wytheville VA. We are going to be traveling from MI to Charleston SC and are looking for convenient and safe places to stay on the way down. These will just be overnight stops with a 40' coach and towed vehicle. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Ron
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