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  1. That is what I wanted to hear, Bill. Thanks for the reply. None of that information is in the manuals. And, getting through to support at Dish Network is difficult. Last I talked to them, I got transferred 3 times and never got the answer ... was told to call King Control. Thanks, again!
  2. I have a Dish Network Receiver 211K (Pay as you Go) and a low profile, automatic, stationary King-Dome installed. All new. I have been able to get the receiver and antenna to connect to all three birds in the Western ARC 110.119. and 129. Local stations and HD received was great. Now that I am home and have the RV stored in a covered garage, what do I do? Do I turn off the receiver and turn off King-Dome or leave both or either of them on for when I make my next trip? Do I have to press the search button every time I relocate, or is it automatic? Thanks in advance.
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