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  1. Thanks Carl for the suggestion. I think (hope) my problem has been corrected. Been driving though out AZ and NM, air temp between 90 and 100, so far engine temps are not exceeding 206 and then rapidly returning to 199. Dean
  2. Hi to all, Well, I've taken a long trip, down the central valley of Ca. Up hwy 58 (from Bakersfield to Barstow) I40 to Flagstaff. The air temp was pushing and above 100°. You all know how steep I40 is and my engine temps never exceeded 206°. My readouts ran between 199 and 206. I pull a Chev. Tahoe that weighs about 5600 lbs. It seems my problem is fixed. Now all have to do is relearn how to drive without one eye on the temp readout and the other on the road. Amazing how well I see with both eyeballs on the highway. Thanks for the tips and for hanging with me throughout this ordeal. Dean Thanks
  3. Hi Rich & Lois, Yes, replaced all fluid and filters before we ran the new fan motor. The fan motor is hydraulic. I have replaced, I think, everything in the engine cooling system, including the radiator, various pumps and controllers, sensors, thermostat, hoses, clamps, etc. Heck, I even had a new engine installed, not due to overheating. Engine had a factory defect and a recall. Dean
  4. Well, finally received and installed a new fan motor. Took it out and ran up the hills, temp ran between 199 and 206. I could actually hear the fan go to high while driving. Hopefully the problem is fixed. Disassembled the motor and the bushings and gear shafts were galled and out of round. BTW, only took 4 months to receive a new fan motor. Dean
  5. Well, I'm back. It appears the fan motor (part number 551101299200) has failed completely. The engine overheated on flat freeway. So I am now waiting for the new part. Mechanic bypassed everything and the fan runs on high all the time. Temps are between 178 to 185, but the weather is still pretty cool here (bay area in Ca.) I have removed the big County Coach mudflap, the CAC is front of the radiator. I do run the engine onhills ar 1800 rpms & some the time engine temp was below 225 and other times went above 226 and derated and died. Same hill and roughly same ambient temps (above 100). Thanks for the suggestions. Dean
  6. I haven't reported back as the weather has been cold. Drove to Abq in Nov (some pretty steep grades on Hwy 58 east bound and I40 though Az andCa. No problems. But I know with hot weather coming the problem will return. Having the mech do the checks that many of you suggested (thanks). Installing a new regulator and as a back up installing a manual switch so I can default the fan to high, if necessary. I had the opportunity to compare my fan speed to another 2006 Allego that had the same engine, etc and his fan on high made mine sound like a baby fan, even I reported earlier, my fan speed has increased a lot and is pulling a lot of air. I would appreciate it, if the economy increases, that you think of me as I've tried to do my share. (Insert smiley face & empty wallet here) Thanks again forthe suggestions and ideas, Dean
  7. Still working on the problem. With the cooler weather everything is working OK. Still seeing temps in the 216 range on steep hills. I am letting the Allison do the shifting and thinking for me. Seems to be keeping the engine between 1200 and 1600 rpms. Dean
  8. I am at sea level to about 1000 feet when I am testing. The road is the Alamont grade, I580 eastbound toward Livermore, ca. I have ran with trans doing the work and with me controlling the RPM and mph. The sensors check OK, next step is fan controller and fan motor. The radiator is brand new, steel and copper, ditto the thermostat. Will report when I have new news. Dean
  9. Sorry for the delay in answering, Rich. New air filter, turbo pressure to high 30's, all else checked and ok. Nothing extraordinary shows on the Silverleaf. Hydraulic fluid and filter are brand new. Fan on high sounds like a small turbo prop, blew my hat off when I opened the engine hatch. Climbing the same grade, when ambient temp is 95 and above engine temp climbs to 226 and above. Same grade, ambient temp about 86, engine temps run about 220 and below. Driving on flats, I see 199 to 201 consistently. Still baffled. I think, maybe having the sensors checked again may be one more thing to do.
  10. Ok, here's what I've had done: New hydraulic pump (made my fan ran per specs), new steel radiator, new radiator hoses, new thermostat. Water pump fine. Ditto fanbelts. Weight is 36, 000 for coach and 6000 lbs for toad for about 42, 000 total (per CAT scale) Coach is 2006 County Coach, tag and rated to 52, 000 lbs, side radiator. The engine was new about 12, 000 miles ago and had the same problem with old engine. I have driven at 1800 rpms, 1400 rpms with and without cruise control, downshifted to 4th etc. Engine overheat per Slverleaf to 226 and then derates and if I continue to drive, will shutdown. Does this on grades. Does find on flats. So any ideas, etc
  11. In the Enchanted Trails lot is a great LPG provider. He does LPG repairs, installs/services satellite systems. Good at many things. Go across the frwy to Central, follow it down to Rio Grande River, there is the Monte Carlo Steak House (great prime rib on Fri (see review on Dives, Diners & Driveins). Across the river is the Artbortium and Old Town. If the Village doesn't fit, you might like the Isleta RV park at the South end of Abq by I25. It is adjacent to a Rail Runner station that will take you to central Abq and Santa Fe. About a mile away is the casino. There is a fishing pond at the RV park for the kids. The roads in the park are just ok. North of Abq, also on I25 in Bernalillo is a KOA. They have movies and popcorn in the summer for the kids. Good size pull thurs and WiFi. The owner is a pretty guy. Also close by to a Rail Runner station. Great restaurants within a mile (try The Range). Dean
  12. I live in CA and have a few friends and they tow all the time and are over the 65 foot limit. One has a 3 axle trailer, travels I5 and I10 all the time and has never received a ticket for being over length (he is about 10 feet too long). He's been doing this for about a decade or so. The other guy flat tows and is just about 3 feet too long, got a ticket for a unsafe lane change (I think), nothing was asked about his length. So, I guess that CA doesn't aggressively enforce this law or will absolutely ticket you as stated above. Based on my driving the freeways around here, the CHP have their hands full just dealing with speeders, drunks, trucks driving about 70 MPH (55 MPH speed limit) to be to concerned about a few over length RV's. Dean
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