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  1. My Eagerness, I got so excited to share my grief with my Norcold or nocold refridgerator that I posted my response to the section on appliances. For those of you who are still struggling with the units you may want to have a look at the problems I had. It is my opinion that they will recall the issue to the point of no end. After my fire and the fire of a friend's unit in the same park and the destruction of a unit at the park in Top Sail State Park Fl, from fire, surprisingly I still was not so afraid about the fire, but was convinced they were only redecorating the cake so to speak and the unit still would not cool. This is a donkey of many tails one of which is why were so many units installed in so many different brands of RVs without proper air flow. How many units burned before the fix for the over temp conditions. A large number of manufactures now install residential units. My recent installation of a residential unit is working great and is more than twice the cubic feet if the 1200 from Norcold. Charlie T
  2. Norcold or nocold... I Have been RVing for a number of years and feel it is only proper to note my experiences with Norcold. I have an 40 OP Allegro Bus. It was equipped from the factory with a Norcold 1200LRIM. The first failure occurred at 25,000 miles or Jan of 2006, total cooling unit failure which was replaced in Ft Myers Camping World for $1687.00. Unit performed marginally until March of 2009 until it exploded and caught fire while we were having lunch. Fortunately we extinguished the fire with minimal coach damage. A replacement was provided by Nocold and installed by an authorized service person. This replacement unit appeared to be of a lesser quality but under the circumstances we accepted. Initially the unit cooled nicely but soon it became necessary to increase the setting to 9, and yes the baffles were installed. The unit was covered on recall as I am sure most everyone was. I was sent two recall notices at different times which if followed to the letter would mean that I would have been without a unit for more than a month. The replacement unit never performed to satisfaction meaning it would only cool to low 40s if the door was not opened, I use remote temp monitors to observe its performance without opening the door. So finally after more than two years and so much frustration we decided to dump the unit and install a residential unit from Sears. One needs to evaluate how necessary it is to have the gas function as my unit only draws 5 amp and will operate fine on the already installed 2000 watt Inverter....Charlie
  3. To the equal customers... I tried equal early on in my RV life and met with oh so much grief. First it will work when first installed but as soon as it gathers a bit of moisture it will become a soggy biscuit which will after you drive a number of miles will break up again. Second most annoying problem was the slow leaks at the valve stems when particles become lodged in the valve stem. Certainly one knows you much replace the stems with the type with the screen dooms. There is a band usually placed on the valve stem to denote that equal has been installed. I have never found a trucker who wood install equal in a tractor tire. Save your equal and periodic balancing and install a set of centramatic balancers once and forever. One last comment, buy a good quality truck air pressure gage that you can calibrate if necessary and compare it with a known source periodically. Charlie T
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