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  1. Thanks Herman for the info-- your right, don't really want the expense of new ones, just wanted to improve the looks somehow, just wondering if there's a way, that we could do a "do it yourself" way. Will keep on researching, and may consider on painting, and yes they are metal.
  2. Does anyone know if you can buy those chrome snap on mirror covers anywhere? Our mirrors are black and faded and chrome would cover would look nice, its for a 98 Holiday Rambler, thanks Brenda
  3. lebjdixon

    Dixons adventures

    Getting ready for retirement
  4. Its actually not the remote lock assembly , I need the lever that goes on the top, I think its called the brake lever, its missing!! I have the remote lock!
  5. Our remote lock on the Carefree awning broke or the top end of the assembly was lost on awning model BN3N4 for our 1998 Holiday Rambler. It's the small assembly that runs up and down and locks and unlocks the awning at top. We have to use a pair of pliers to lock and unlock it. Where can we find this part? Thanks B. Dixon (I have no manual on the awning, so I don't' know what type of Carefree awning it is. The model is BN3N4. All I find on the Internet is plastic parts. Our part is metal.
  6. We are quite sure now its electronic, we went back out an hr later and it was working, go figure!!! So, Brett are you telling me just cranking it to move it out of the garage, I'm going to have to go 25 miles back to my garage.
  7. I cranked my 98 diesel Holiday Rambler up just too let it run a bit. I was gunning a little off and on and the throttle stop working. Does anyone know what the problem could be? Is there a sensor? Does it work on air? I've always wondered how the throttle works, so guess I will find out. Any information would be helpful. Thanks, L Dixon
  8. We are planning a trip to Disneyworld in Nov. We will be traveling from Mobile, Al., and will be traveling south down I-75 and would like to spend a night in the Ocala area. Has anyone stayed at a campground close to the Interstate in this area? If so, what do you recommend. We will be staying at Ft. Wilderness the next day, and should arrive early, so we will park our motorhome in parking lot til campsite is ready. Thanks. Brenda
  9. We recently purchased a 2006 Honda CRV, and the book says to run motor about 5 minutes in Drive then shift to neutral then turn key to accessory position, never start from reverse to neutral. No problems so far by going this procedure. Thanks B. Dixon
  10. Its just two of us, and we will have alot of time since husband will be retiring at that time, and we want to go when there is no snow and ice of course, we want to stay on highways that are safe to drive, and our interests are just mainly seeing sights that we have never seen, neither one of us have been any further than Dallas,Texas to the West, and a trip to SC, in the motorhome. We are anxious to sightsee, and especially see Yellowstone, but want to be safe. We may even go as far as we can in the motorhome on flat land, then unhook the toad and travel in the mountainous areas. Not retiring until June 2012-- just planning ahead. Thanks for any information.
  11. Any ideas of the best routes and campgrounds on a road trip with a 37 ft. diesel pusher pulling a toad from Alabama to Yellowstone, is their a best way to get around Yellowstone to visit the sights, and are there campgrounds that are easy to maneuver in, and what are the best and safest Highways to travel. Thanks Brenda
  12. Could someone tell us the best directions to the Ft. Wilderness campground for a 37ft motorhome pulling a tow, coming from I-4 North. Thanks. Brenda
  13. ft wilderness

    1. lebjdixon


      Can you tell me the best directions into the Ft. Wilderness campground, thats easy for a motorhome with a tow, thanks, Brenda

    2. lebjdixon


      Can you tell me the best directions into the Ft. Wilderness campground, thats easy for a motorhome with a tow, thanks, Brenda

    3. tmoning


      Brenda, post this on the Campgrounds forum. It's under the Travel category.

  14. Any recommendations for the best portable ice maker to purchase? Thanks Brenda
  15. I am planning a trip to Disneyworld and want to travel there in motorhome, but am planning on staying in one of the resorts, but it may not be FT. Wilderness. So where is a good place to park your motorhome overnight for 3 to 4 nights?
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