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  1. My friend's motorhome has an outlet for connecting to an air hose(so he can air up his tires, etc). My motorhome doesn't have this. When they came to tow my motorhome, I noticed that they connected an air hose from tow truck to my MH. They removed one of the five(5) "half inch" allen-wrench nuts and screwed in an air hose adapter and connected their air hose there. Has anyone added an outlet to connect your air hose to on your MH(so you don't have to carry an air compressor)? Jim
  2. Brett, I just got a call from the Holt CAT rep - here's what they found - the electric primer that the Truck Repair Center installed was causing a restriction in the fuel flow. They disconnected it and the MH had power. I went over and actually test drove it myself and yes it accelerated pretty good( I'm not sure it had the power that it had originally but it's had to tell, it definitely is better than when I got it out of the Truck Repair Center, remember it's top speed was 35 mph). The Holt CAT rep said that when I changed the fuel filter - that solved my "loss of power" problem - if I could have started it then everything would have been fine. Holt CAT is also installing the secondary fuel filter with primer - I could not get a 10 micron filter from Freightliner, so Holt CAT plans to replace the original filter base and install a 10 micron CAT filter with separator(no sight bowl however). I have spoken to the Truck Repair Center(an authorized CAT service provider) and they said they would give me a refund - don't know how much refund yet - but the electric primer cost $450 plus $350 for towing to Holt and Holt's bill is $1300 to find the resriction(I'll still owe for adding the secondary filter). So to all you folks that have only one fuel filter - when you change filters be careful not to spill any fuel and pray that it will start! I hope this is the last chapter of this thread! I'll give it a good test run when we head to Colorado. jim
  3. Brett, The Diesel Truck Repair Center in Tyler is an authorized CAT service center. But I was disappointed in their progress and felt that I was getting a run-around - they had my MH for 3 weeks and seemed to have pulled off of it - awaiting a rep from Allison Transmission, then said its probably not transmission related. So I called "time out" and had it towed to Holt CAT RV Service Center in Ft. Worth. Good Sams paid for the first 50 miles of this tow - I paid $348. Good Sams has paid for towing my MH 3 times in last 2 months. That's the only good news I have at this point. Holt expects to start on it sometime next week. It started and I drove it upon a trailer for towing. No smoke this time. More later. jim
  4. Brett, No - it is not at a CAT Dealer. As you know Good Sam will only take it to nearest shop. And this was my second tow in 2 weeks. They paid for both towings. When I talked to this Diesel Truck Repair Center, they assured me they could fix it - so we towed it to them. The nearest CAT Dealer is in Ft Worth, about 120 miles farther. If I call "time out" and have it towed to Ft Worth now - I will have to pay towing myself. Yes I wish I had paided extra to have it towed to Ft Worth. Hindsight is 20/20. This Truck Repair Center also works on motorhomes - and specialize in Cummins and Caterpillar engines. But I wonder why they are having problems with diagnosis. Surely someone has had this problem or a similar one - wish someone could help identity problem. What would you do at this point? jim
  5. Brett, My MH is still in the Repair Shop. Last week they thought it was the Hemi Pump. it checked out ok. This week they suspect the Transmission. I think they are guessing. Has anyone had a tremendous loss of power and lots of white smoke out the exhaust? If so please let me know what they found. jim
  6. Noticed smoke along with low power. Could it be an injector? Tow truck on the way. Jim
  7. I had the House batteries checked - they were bad - and replaced. The generator starts fine now. jim
  8. Brett, The original problem has not been fixed! No power! Please remember that on the way back from Branson, I noticed a tremendous loss of power. That's when I changed the fuel filter - hoping that would fix it. I took the MH to a different place to get the House batteries checked - by the way - the batteries were bad, got 4 new House batteries and generator starts fine. But on the way back, I kept going slower and slower, with pedal on the floor. Finally I could only go 35 mph and limped on home. Would appreciate your thoughts, please. I don't know if I should try to drive it that slow down the freeway to Truck/MH Repair Shop - about 40 miles from here. FYI - I looked at the fuel filter - bottom bowl was clear, no trash. jim
  9. Brett, My generator starts from the house batteries. Thinking back - when I tried to start gen, the batteries apparently were not full charged up. Because the gen starter turned over very slow then click,click, click. I read in the Onan book that there is a "Low Cranking Fuse on starter solenoid" - But it is ok. Seems it could be 2 things - batteries still too weak even though they operate house lights good or the slow cranking damaged the starter. I checked my batteries and the voltage is 13.45 with shore power on. I guess I need to check them without shore power. What can I do next? jim
  10. It was not in shop for any electrical problem. It has an air lock as a result of my changing the fuel filter - so they had to use the engine batteries a lot. I have that Echo Charger on my inverter, so I think my house batteries are being charged. They may have been weak to start with. But I thought the dash switch would tie the engine and house batteries together and - that would start the gen. I'll give them more time to charge and try again. jim
  11. I recently had my MH in the shop from about 4 weeks. When I got it we had to jump start the engine. It's been plugged into 110 volts for 24 hrs at home. But I discovered that the generator will not turn over - just clicks. Even when I push the battery button on the dash it still will not turn over. I can start the engine. Is the Generator powered by the "house bank of batteries"? Why won't the push button work? The lights inside the coach work. And the battery disconnect is not disconnected. FYI - I have 2 engine batteries and 4 house batteries. Is it possible the house batteries are dead dead and won't charge? What should I check? Jim
  12. Yes - they said no access from the bedroom floor other than the 12 x24 inch hole. They said remove the propane tank and heat shield. The Mech at the shop yesterday said he did not like working on my MH - because everything is too tight. Jim
  13. I picked up our motorhome today from the repair shop. They used starting fluid and got it started(the Mobile Tech used ether and couldn't get it started and - the Transfer Pump that the Mobile Tech said was bad -They said it was ok, but it took a lot of time to get the air out. After that - I asked them to install the second filter with the manual primer pump. Buy they could not get access to the area between the Transfer Pump and the engine because they said they would have to remove the propane tank and the metal heat shield - lots of work. So they installed the second filter with primer between the original fuel filter and the Transfer Pump. Guess what? It did not work. They removed it and ordered an electric fuel pump and installed it between the original filter and the Transfer Pump. They tested it and said it works. There is a on-off switch next the electric pump, you can hear it run - they said next time I change filters to turn this electric pump on for a few seconds, till you hear it stop pumping. Brett, will this electric pump satisfactorily prime this thing? Since the manual primer had fuel in it - I cannot return it. If anyone needs a second fuel filter and manual primer please send me a private email. Oh, they said the air filter was dirty and replaced it. That was $292. To reconnect drive shaft was $60. Rest was adding and removing second filter and manual primer - then adding the electric primer. Spent about $1000. I do not know if the original problem is solved - remember it had a tremendous loss of power on the way back from Branson. Everyone said try replacing the fuel filter first. So I hope that problem is solved. Guess I will have to road test it. Oh one more thing - all 6 batteries are dead( the 2 engine and the 4 house batteries). They must have left the key on - hope they will take a charge, I'm connected to shore power. That's all for now. Jim
  14. Motorhome is still in repair shop - they had to order the electric primer pump. Longer they keep it, the more it will cost to get it out. jim
  15. We have a 38 ft Class A and tow a car. Can you suggest a route up the west coast preferably up Hwy 1, if possible and/or hwy 101. Also give us your recommendations for good RV Parks on this route - and since my wife loves wine can you recommend some wine places to stop at? jim
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