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  1. I too am having the same issue with my freedom 458 series inverter/charger. Heart interface brand. All was fine when we left our rig one afternoon . We came back and tried to turn on the tv and not a lick of power. Did check All circuits . All breakers in rig were good. All fuses good. only have of the rig is hot. The 20 amp will not reset. I have the exact issue. Thanks for your input This is on a Fleetwood discovery 2003
  2. Battery's are all new . All was working when I left the Jerry's RV. Oregon .One of the installers did mention issue and claimed to have fixed it. Problem was intermittent .Now it is back and I am contacting Dometic on possible warrantee. Thanks Guys.
  3. I am getting voltage to switch. Three wire switch. Unit has a one step system , operates from control box and or dash. I get a clicking sound from either the control box, sounds like or near awning motor. The awing is just under two years old. 9100 Dealer that installed said it gave him issue once , It worked nine out of ten times. I had to run a little 12 volt alarm battery to retract. Motor works well. One-step no longer available. Has a three wire switch. What is the center wire. I know the out side terminals are polarity + and - . Is the center a ground ?
  4. what end slides out ? and how do I get the plastic to snap off ? I tried and do not want to brake the plastic. I live in Az and every thing gets brittle.  I see and took two screws out on the door hinge side plastic edging will not come off.  Any information will be helpful. Thanks Chuck

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