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  1. Thankyou Gentlemen, you've answered my questions. and confirmed them. Don Agar
  2. Thanks, Brett for getting back. The concern I have is keeping my tanks spotless. I do try to empty them only when they are full and I flush with clean water for at least 5 minutes. I have recently noticed an odor from the gray tank through the bathroom sink. I had been keeping the gray valve open due to the fact that we use a washing machine and dishwasher. Would leaving the gray water valve open cause this odor? I had heard that this rid-x was a good product, but I questioned it when I found out it was for septics. I am currently using tst in black tank only. Should one use it in gray as well? thanks much. Don
  3. Anyone out there ever used Rid-X for your Black or Grey tanks? It is sold for septic tanks. My concern is would it work fast enough for R.V.'s .It is Green friendly. Any thoughts ?
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