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  1. Brett, are there threads on known problems with certain motorhomes. In our continuing search for a used motorhome, I often come across threads like this one which point out brand specific problems. Some of the worst are sidewall delamination. Others are the early Ford V10 spark plug issue. Certain Spartan chassis's of the early 2000 era had ball joints that could not be lubed resulting in premature failure and expensive repair. Country Coach had some issues with the charge air cooler. Knowing whether or not a prospective motorhome is a time bomb waiting to explode has kept me from buying a number of diesels. Perhaps the only solution is to research the model in question. That and having a qualified mechanic inspect the motorhome. Still, I suspect even a skilled mechanic will not find some of these problems.
  2. Like a few of you seniors, I'm thinking of financing a motorhome. I'll be 73 on my next birthday and plan on RVing for a few more years. My plan is to pay 25-50% down and finance the rest. Unfortunately, I'm finding that most lenders are not interested in financing used RV's that are more than 7 years old. While I could easily qualify for a newer entry level diesel, my preference is for a high end coach that's 10 or more model years old. The ones I like are selling for $60-90,000 and up. But even with a large down payment, I'm concerned that I won't be able to finance the balance. From what I read, lenders are looking for larger, long term loans. I'd be looking for a smaller short term loan. I have good credit, no debt and a decent pension. It's hard to imagine lenders not lining up for my business. Except for my age, I'm sure I could qualify for a loan on a $200,000 motorhome. However doing so would place my DW at risk. I've come across too many widows trying to unload a motorhome that was financed and is significantly under water. I would not want to put my wife in that situation. So if I can't come up with financing, I'll be lowering my sights to a late 1990s 1 slide diesel with a bunch of miles. I've seriously thought of that since I really like the older luxury coaches. However I'm a retired pencil pusher and don't like the prospect of ongoing mechanical problems. I would appreciate any info on lenders that I might approach.
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