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  1. I have a 2011 Allegro Bus with a 450 HP Cummins engine. I had no prior issues but when I started it today the check engine/stop engine lights came on & stayed on. Tried to recycle several times with the same issue each time. Any suggestions before I call a tow truck to haul to closest Cummins dealer?
  2. Still learning the aqua hot system. When using the engine preheat when should you turn on the preheat switch in cold weather? One hour before engine start, less or more time?
  3. Just purchased a MH with an aqua-Hot system. Do I turn both the electrical & diesel switches off while traveling? Is the hot water heated by the engine coolant while traveling?
  4. Just purchased a 2011 MH with an aqua-hot system. While traveling do I turn both the electrical & Diesel switches off? Will the engine heat then make hot water?
  5. We just purchased a 2013 Edge and want to set it up for 4 down towing. The manual says to turn key to accessory position but the 2013 is key-less. After putting transmission into neutral what else needs to be done? Help.
  6. We have a 2007 Phaeton with several windows that have lost their seal & have began fogging. When talking to RV service centers I get different responses - replace the entire window or have them taken apart cleaned and put back in. Has anyone had any dealings with thermo-pane windows and the best way to correct the issue?
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