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  1. How about a test light and spare fuse kit? A simple 5 amp fuse can stop you from being able to go onto the next camping spot. Keep in mind though that it sometimes it can be more than just replacing the fuse (there may be another cause of the blown fuse). I go on many service calls in Washington state to a truck weigh station where they have been pulling motorhomes over for burned out light bulbs, and they won't let them leave until it is fixed, so light bulbs are a must. Kind of strange cause most states issue fix it tickets.
  2. Thanks for the great advice. The highest shop rate here is $119 an hour. I am going to keep it at $85 and open up in Vancouver Washington hopefully somewhere off the highway with easy on and off access My ultimate goal is to one day open a shop with 12 Bays and a RV parts store as big as one of Campingworld stores.
  3. Ceramic heaters are much safer in an RV. Being an RV tech I have seen the damage caused by these type of heaters and sometimes there is not much left to the RV! I highly recommend ceramic.
  4. Hello, everyone. My name is Joseph Cannon. I have a mobile RV repair business. I'm looking into starting an RV repair shop and thought what better place to ask for advice than the FMCA community. What is a Fair labor Rate? And what do you currently pay in your state? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. Solution: sell the brake buddy and install a braking system that ties directly into your air brakes on your motorhome. They make them and can be a little spendy but brake buddy is spendy and does not always work. I have installed every brake system there is.. Benefit of the air brake system is when you apply the brakes you can count on them being on and Roadmaster makes one with a monitor light so you always know when the brakes are on and off. These brake systems that work off inertia and electricity are unpredictable The problem with brake buddy is sometimes you can hit a bump and it will apply the brakes. I have sat in cars while being towed and watched them do it. I hope all turns out great for you happy travels.
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