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    Getting in the right frame of mind to start putting the three-week-long summer trip together. We are still in debate over location and are in the process of pouring over pages and pages of travel guides. With the price of gas so high, we may be staying a little closer to home than usual, but our adventurous spirit is aching to get going. We loved Tennessee last summer and really enjoyed Kentucky's Mammoth Caves the year before. Weren't too thrilled with Arkansas, but then again, we didn't travel much into the Ozarks. We are thinking maybe a lingering journey toward New England and over to Niagra Falls or up into Nova Scotia, but then we are looking at logging a lot more miles than initially thought.
    The excitement is in our bones and school is almost out for the summer. Tom has to take vacation days and we will be set to go around mid-June.
    Anyone have suggestions on location? We know it's always about location, location, location.
  2. pattie1tom
    It's LoveBug season on the west coast of Florida and if you have ever been travelling during this time of year, you understand the difficulty this presents. Imagine driving through a snow storm of orange headed, little black bugs, flying in pairs, attached at the butts, and ultimately landing on your windshield with a splatter. After just a few minutes of driving, the windshield becomes covered in tiny black carcasses making it very difficult to see where you're going. To make matters worse, you can't use your windshield wipers on them because that just adds a blurring haze on the window as the bugs schmear across the glass.
    Upon reaching our destination, the casualities must be in the millions. There is very little space on the front of the coach not touched by bugs. How can we get them off before we make the return trip home? We start by brushing the dried bugs off and then proceed to repeatedly wash the window and front of the coach till we can see through the glass again. After about two hours, we are done. It's a daunting process that will need to be repeated again after our return trip home.
    Can't wait for the next season of Love Bugs!
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