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  1. We have been feeling the same way. Although we are not full time rv-er's, we do have a class A and travel with our children, two girls ages 8 and 4. We joined, looking for families and chapters devoted to families, only to find we are a very small percentage of members. We have been in contact with the editors of the magazine to find ways to embed families into their articles and talked with the new President who is verbally devoted to finding ways to bring families back to the FMCA. I also contacted the editors of the webpage who promptly added a motorhoming with children page to their forum.

    Only being members for the last two months, I am proud of the efforts they are making and I am looking forward to working with them as the year progresses.

    We have been advised that we could start our own chapters and are considering it. We are just unsure of how to proceed. If you are interested in talking, we could see if it is something to tackle together.

    Best wishes on your travels.


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