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  1. Not sure if your still looking for a campground near Brigham City, UT but if you are, we have stayed at Willard Bay St. Park that was very easy to get in and out of and was clean.
  2. My wife and I are planing a trip this fall in Utah, Colorado and Arizona. One of the places that has been highly recomended to us is Canyon de Chelly in NE Arizona. We are traveling in a 40' class A motorhome and pull a tag vehicle. After talking to a ranger by phone we were told that they would not allow us in because of the length of both rigs and that there wasn't spare parking available at the Cottonwood campground. I ask if there was other campgrounds in the area they would recommend. They gave me the name of Spyder Rock campground. After a google search of Spyder Rock and reading several reviews I don't believe we will be staying there. Does anyone know where we might stay for a few days that aren't creepy, or 200 miles away?
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