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  1. David, which office did you go to? Mike
  2. mikelm48

    Cruise Control

    Thanks all. It turned out that a couple of wires that got disconnected. All is working well now, with or without the Engine Brake.
  3. I guess I am missing something. I am a new RVer, but it seems that Flying J, Pilot and Loves's truck stops usually have higher prices than most of the other stations I see along the road. It seems like it would be cheaper just to buy at another location with lower prices. I'm sure that it may be easier to get in and out, but reading all of the posts makes me think its not worth it. Just my opinion. Mike
  4. mikelm48

    Cruise Control

    Well, I took it out without the Toad and is still doesn't work. Haven't been able to locate any fuses labeled Cruise Control. I guess I will check with Spartan today and see if they have a suggestion. Thanks for all the ideas. Mike
  5. mikelm48

    Cruise Control

    Thanks for the hints. I will be checking the brakes. I was thinking this was our first trip with the Toad. There is a light that comes on when the Toad brakes are activated and I noticed it is not working either and I have not changed any of the setup since I had them installed. Maybe there is a fuse in that circuit. Mike
  6. mikelm48

    Cruise Control

    Last trip my cruise control was working. Yesterday left on a trip and could not get the cruise control to engage. Light on instrument panel did not come on, did not hold speed. I can't get to my Spartan CD with the fuse data. Does anyone know if there is a fuse for the cruise control? Thanks in advance. Mike
  7. One: Mike Two: US Army Three: 20 years, 1968-1988 Retired Four: SSG/CPT Five: SF Medic/MI/R&D Six: Vietnam, Turkey, Ft. Bragg, Ft. Huachuca, Redstone Arsenal, etc. Hello to everyone. Mike
  8. Jim, what make coach do you have? We have a 2005 Kountry Star DP and have the exact same problem. Great presure in the head, poor in the kitchen and shower. Mike
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