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  1. To fit more in your freezer, repackage store wrapped goods in those stackable rubbermaid containers and just label them with contents and date. That way you can stash a lot more in and can see what you have without having everything falling out on you as you search for something. Be careful of taking too much with you and exceeding your weight capacity in the motorhome - it is very easy to do. Follow the motorhomers rule - one new comes in, one old goes out. I hated giving up all my kitchen gadgets as I love to cook so I always had to be careful not to accumulate too many of those in our 11 years as full timers. Books were my other love that I missed but with the new ebooks that problem is gone. My husband used the basement storage for tools and he accumulated so much over the 11 years that when we cleaned out the motorhome when we built our new house, he was amazed at what he had - some he could not even remember buying. We now use our motorhome for shorter trips and vacations and I am amazed at how much better it drives and how much better gas mileage it gets without all the weight. It is an amazing way to see the country though and I'm sure you will love it. You will meet the nicest people in your travels. We have made lifelong friends that we would have never met if it were not for the rv lifestyle.
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