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  1. Is anyone familiar with the Internet service at the Disney Wilderness Campground? I will be there for two weeks in late September and would like to know what kind of service I can expect.
  2. I have found a lot of splitter as well. Ranging from under 20 dollars to close to a hundred. Not really sure what the difference is between them. I have tried using one from SewellDirect, but had issues getting it to work with the Sony equipment I have. I have contact them and they are sending me a replacement unit but still not sure it will do the trick. I do appreciate your help and if you find any documentation on using splitters with Sony equipment I would love to see it. Again, thank you
  3. This sounds like a switch that allow you to select the input into a display or playback device, such as attaching both a Blueray player and game console to the device and then selecting which is output.
  4. After talking with a Craddlepoint tech support person we determine that the craddlepoint MBR95 wireless router was the best solution for my needs as it provides USB data card, WIFI, cable or DSL connection. The MBR95 was under $100 on Amazon and arrived within 5 days of placing the order. Setup was simple. It is capable of receiving 4G however I am currently using AT&T 3G USB data card so I have not tried any of the 4G capability. Even with 3G, I have been able to stream video and audio to the other devices in the motor home. When located at home or were WIFI is provided, I simple unplug the datacard and unit automatically searches for a WIFI signal. I can then setup the router to logon to the WIFI and I am no longer using any of my alotted air card data bytes. To date, I have had this unit about 4 months now, it has work flawlessly.
  5. Does anyone have experience with using a powered HDMI splitter to provide the HDMI output from a Sony AV receiver to two HD TVs?
  6. Sorry about taking months to reply to all the replies. The problem turned out to be a loose connection. Took the service guys about 10 minutes to correct. Again thanks for the suggestions.
  7. Does anyone have a suggestion on the best RV resort close to Orlando Fl? I will be there two weeks in September and would appreciate any suggestion on where to park. I will be traveling in a 43 foot American Coach Revolution and would like paved or concrete pad as well as patio, WIFI, Cable, and the usual full hook ups.
  8. Thanks to both of you for your reply. I have contacted KVH and actually they were not a lot of help. Just wanted to know if I could hear the dish moving. WIth my hearing I could not tell. It would be nice if the panel inside the coach indicated which satellite the dish was locked on to or even which direction it was pointing. I will look for the fuse but I am getting a power light on the switch panel. Again thanks
  9. In the last month I have taken delivery of a new (2011) American Coach Revolution. The coach comes with the KVH-5SL in motion satellite system installed. Prior to leaving Lazy Days in Florida the technician had installed and had working two Direct TV receivers and since we had to move the coach a couple times the system would reacquire the satellite. However, now that I am back in Charleston I have not been able to reacquire any satellite signal. I have worked through: Resetting the receivers, Setting the dish to 18 inch, using the signal meter, nothing seems to be working. I have not actually been on top of the coach to see if the dish is moving, but I will try that this weekend. Other then going to a dealer, which the closest one is over a 100 miles away, is there anything else I can try?
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