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  1. We have been using Tire Minder system and are happy with it.. Was recommended by our Service Provider as the one they have not had any problems with and provide good service.

    Balancing Beads

    I ask my tire dealer about this and he replied that more people are using the larger beads. Also he added that he has many over the road trucker that specify he uses golf balls instead of beads. I'm not just sold on this yet though.
  3. I had that problem once and drained the tank, then filled to almost full with water and poured in a bag of ice cubes, then took it out for a ride on a rough road,,, or you can preform this just before leaving a campground and put the ice in the tank and drive home.. usually the ice cubes will slosh around and clean up the residue..
  4. Brett, If reprogrammed into the "Latch Mode" on the exhaust brake and this allows coasting when you release the throttle, wouldn't this be counter productive when descending a grade in the mountains? If I understand what you said, then you would have to ride the service brake to gain the retardation of the exhaust brake under those circumstances..of course shifting down would not then help reduce the momentum going down grade if " coasting was to take place when you release the throttle.. Correct me here if I am not following this sequence correctly. thanks Jerry conrad
  5. Thanks Brett.. however I am still looking for a definition and explaination of the term "soft Cruise", prehaps an I am practicing it without knowing what the meaning is.? I usually cruise at 57 -59 mph with RPM's just below 1800 and with the Economy Mode ON except in the mountains then I manually take over the fuel management and gear selection. In the rolling hills of Oklahoma between Tulsa and Springfield, MO. I use the cruise and Economy Mode ON settings.Of course tire inflation is an important matter and wgt distribution are all considered. Jerry Conrad 2000 Beaver Patriot 2010 Jeep Rubicon Toad
  6. I have a Cat 3126 B turbocharged engine with a MD 3060 Allison and a 4.39 : 1 rear axle ratio in my 30,000 lb DP motorhome .. In reading the information on this engine from Caterpillar in one publication they state that the engine should be spec'd to run 60 MPH at 2000 RPM while the recommended engine RPM at curise should be 1800 RPM @ 55 MPH. Then another CAT publication states that for best economy the engine should use the lowest RPM between 1440 & 1800 to obtain the optimimum fuel economy. So what comments do others with this powertrain combination suggest or are experiencing? Thanks J.C Conrad 2000 Beaver Patriot 40' 2010 Jeep Rubicon toad
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