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  1. dogpatch

    iRV2 forum

    Obviously, I was speaking of the other forum.
  2. dogpatch

    iRV2 forum

    I belong to both forums. I don't like when people get personal and seemingly attack at will. Never have, never will. I believe you can get your point across about almost any topic without making the person you are responding to feel like crap. Some people don't know how to bite their tongue or just choose not to.
  3. I have never heard of soap. I have always heard fabric liquid softener is the one to use.
  4. I used Mop n Glo. It worked great. Been over a year.
  5. I have a glass handle on my 2000 Winnebago. It doesn't light. Should it???
  6. Having been working with wood through all my working years, personally, I like the look of the darker grained woods if done tastefully and stained the right color. The richness of Walnut, Cherrywood and Mahogany is incomparable. It's expensive which is why you don't see it in most mainstream coaches. Everywhere you look is Oak and sometimes Maple. I've seen too much Oak used for everything from furniture, home finishing, cabinetry etc.
  7. Welcome to the nut house!
  8. We have a Weber 200. We also bought the stand that folds up. I love this grill. Better that my $1500 stainless Vermont Castings top of the line. BBQ only cost $249! and $65 for the stand. Nice even cooking. Has electric start. Heats fast and nice and even.
  9. Here is what I have been told along with links from 5Star Tuning. The SCT X3 would be a nice fit for your RV. See here for some specific tune details http://www.5startuning.com/page3/page3.html. A performance/tow type tune will net you better pulling power from tip in through 4000 RPM's and can net some better economy. The RV just with an 87 Octane tune will run with more power through the entire RPM range and much better shifting. And more info here http://www.5startuning.com/index_assets/FearNoMountain.pdf The X3 also acts as a diagnostic code reader for any Ford vehicle. Another very flexible advantage the X3 has is it can be used on any Ford Vehicles. So down the road if you upgrade your vehicle to a newer Ford model the X3 still would work on it. Pricing for X3's custom tuned are $395.00. This also includes FREE tune revision updates. Once we have all info on your RV item will ship out next business day.
  10. I've been toying with the idea of getting our RV Dyna-tuned but am unsure of the benefits for our unit and wanted to see if any others with same have had it done and what your thoughts are. Our unit is a 2000 Winnebago Adventurer 35U with the 6.8 ltr V10 Gas engine. Ours is the 3 speed with overdrive (4 speed). The model of Dyna-tuner I've read about is a 5 Star SCT X3. Does it make a difference and if so what is different? Please help! I don't want to spend $395 if it isn't worth it. I do know shifting while going up a hill is a bugger cause it feels like it drops into second and screams. Also, is there an improvement in torque and mileage like they say?
  11. You are going to need a "Pure Sine Wave Inverter for your computer. The typical inverters on RV's are not "clean" enough for use with PC's or laptops. In fact it's recommended for LCD or LED TV's as well. In most cases, unless your coach is modified, the inverter (like in my 00 Winnebago)is too small to operate the added equipment. My unit used to have a 125 Watt inverter in the front cabinetry for operating the Analog TV and VCR. After I added the 37" LCD and the 1100 Watt Blu-Ray Surround system, the old inverter would not power up the new equipment. I added a 600 Watt Samlex Pure Sine Inverter. Now I can watch TV or movies when boondocking.
  12. I've been told that you should not use a modified sine wave inverter with use for LCD or LED TV's or for laptops. That's why I put in a Pure sine wave inverter. Your thoughts Brett?
  13. American's should count themselves lucky in this instance. In Canada, we cannot apply for this tax deduction. My CPA chuckled when I queried her on this. I forget sometimes that this is an international Forum. LOL
  14. Here's a link to one of the best portable gas grills I've seen. I bought one. You can also buy the collapsible stand. I read reviews on the net before I bought mine. http://www.weber.com/explore/grills/gas-portable/weber-q-220
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