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  1. A major Cable TV network is seeking full-time RV travelers for an upcoming pilot called "Home Sweet Roam." If you live in any type of home-on-wheels and love the open road, the producers would like to hear from you. Maybe you have a unique story to tell, or have an RV like no other. They are seeking all personalities and lifestyles.

    Interested? Send an e-mail, with a little backgorund about yourelf, to: RVcastingUSA@gmail.com.

  2. FMCA is offering special pricing to kick off the new NASCAR Racing Experience and Mario Andretti Racing Experience member benefit.

    FMCA members can save 50% off the retail price of driving and ride-along packages purchased by Nov. 30, 2012.

    Through Nov. 30, 2012, the FMCA Member Price for the driving package is $199.

    Through Nov. 30, 2012, the FMCA Member Price for the ride-along package is $65.

    Watch the Good Morning America anchors participate in the NASCAR Racing Experience:

  3. FMCA is pleased to announce the new FMCAssist travel assistance and medical evacuation program.

    Under this program, all FMCA members may use a new provider, Seven Corners, for assistance as needed. The member is directly responsible for any related expenses.

    Or, for enhanced coverage, members can sign up and pay the premium for the Voluntary Member Participation Plan, which pays for covered expenses up to certain maximums.

    More information about this plan, including coverages and how to sign up: http://www.fmca.com/join-family-motor-coach-association/member-benefits/3595-the-new-fmcassist

  4. FMCA is collecting items to showcase in a special Nostalgia Room during the association's 50th Anniversary celebration in Gillette, Wyo., in June 2013.

    This special area will include items such as photos from past FMCA conventions and rallies, meeting minutes, pins, patches, jackets, movies -- anything that harkens back to FMCA's early days.

    If you have items that fit this category, contact Otho Tew at oatew@earthlink.net or membership@fmca.com.

  5. FMCA recently learned that Ford Motor Company has amended its information concerning flat-towing 2012 Ford Escape and Fusion vehicles equipped with front-wheel-drive, four-wheel-drive, or all-wheel-drive systems. In February 2012 the company published an Owner Guide Supplement for these vehicles. It states:

    This Information Replaces The Recreational Towing Information In The Tires, Wheels And Loading Chapter

    Recreational Towing

    Note: Put your climate control system in recirculated air mode to prevent exhaust fumes from entering the vehicle. Refer to the Climate Control chapter.

    Follow these guidelines if you have a need for recreational (RV) towing. An example of recreational towing would be towing your vehicle behind a motorhome. These guidelines are designed to ensure that your transmission is not damaged.

    Front-wheel drive (FWD) vehicles CANNOT be flat-towed (all wheels on the ground), as vehicle or transmission damage may occur. The front wheels must be placed on a two-wheel tow dolly. If you are using a tow dolly, follow the instructions specified by the equipment provider.

    All-wheel drive (AWD) and four-wheel drive (4WD) vehicles CANNOT be flat-towed (all wheels on the ground), as vehicle or transmission damage may occur. It is recommended to tow your vehicle with all four (4) wheels off the ground such as when using a car-hauling trailer. Otherwise, no recreational towing is permitted.

    The owners manual for 2013 Escape vehicles includes the same information; therefore, new Escape vehicles with FWD, AWD, or 4WD cannot be towed four wheels down. FMCA has not yet confirmed whether 2013 Fusion vehicles can be flat-towed.

    CLARIFICATION: Ford Motor Company published an Owner Guide Supplement in February 2012 that indicated 2012 Escape and Fusion vehicles with front-wheel-drive, four-wheel-drive, and all-wheel-drive systems should no longer be towed four wheels down behind a motorhome. This supplement applies only to Escape and Fusion vehicles equipped with the 6F35 transmission. It DOES NOT apply to Escape Hybrid and Fusion Hybrid vehicles that have an electronically controlled continuously variable (eCVT) transmission. 2012 Escape Hybrid and Fusion Hybrid vehicles can continue to be towed four wheels down according to guidelines included in the owners manual.

  6. For those who plan to attend FMCA's Indianapolis 2012 "Formula for Fun" convention Aug. 27 to 30:

    FMCA can send text messages to your cell phone to alert you to convention news, special events, severe weather, changes in venue, and more.

    To subscribe to this service, text the word "fmca" to 313131 (393939 for Canada).

    Or, click here to sign up on FMCA.com.

    This is a convenient way to keep up to speed on important announcements concerning the convention. And the only charges you incur are the normal fees charged by your mobile service provider for receiving text messages.

  7. Here is a PDF that lists sample prices for some common Michelin RV tires, under the Advantage program:


    For estimated pricing on additional tires not on the sample list, please contact the FMCA Membership department at membership@fmca.com or (800) 543-3622.

    Links to the Michelin Advantage Program pages on FMCA.com:

    Tire Connection -- Michelin Advantage Program -- General information about the Michelin Advantage Program

    Instructions for using the Michelin Advantage Program (FMCA member sign-in required)

  8. Tents For Troops, a nationwide network of RV parks and campgrounds that offer free RV and camping sites to active U.S. military personnel and their families, including reservists, has asked President Barack Obama to issue an executive order that would require all parks located on federally owned property to provide free camping for active U.S. military men and women and their families.

    You may support this cause by signing the Tents for Troop’s “We The People” petition to the White House.

    The petition Will be available for signatures – at www.whitehouse.gov/petitions -- during the period of April 1 to April 30, 2012. Thank you for supporting our troops.

    For more information about Tents for Troops, visit www.tentsfortroops.org.

    Here's a video about the Tents for Troops program:


  9. Formal records of the proceedings of FMCA's Governing Board, Executive Board and national committees are disseminated to committee members, chapter presidents, national directors, alternate national directors, area association officers, past national officers and temporary delegates, if applicable. Minutes and other documents also are made available to these groups on FMCA's Governance Web site, www.governance.fmca.com. That's FMCA's current policy.

  10. The FMCAssist Emergency Medical Evacuation program, provided by On Call, provides FMCA members medical evacuation and vehicle return coverage while traveling in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

    FMCA does not offer AD&D insurance. But, through a partnership with with Global Underwriters, members can purchase an accident insurance plan that includes accidental death benefits.

    More info about these and other member benefits can be found in the January 2012 Member Benefits Guide in Family Motor Coaching magazine.

  11. If you arrive Sunday or Monday you will get electricity. But if you wait until Tuesday or Wednesday you might not. There are 900 electric sites.

    If you park in full-generator, generators can be run 24/7. If you park in the other generator area, there is a time restriction. We have not had complaints in the past.

    We checked with the Rally Master and have been told that if you purchase electric, you will have it when you arrive, no matter when you get there.

  12. ... are you aware of the 10/31 end date for this program?

    Michelin North America reserves the right to discontinue, modify, and/or supplement all of the policies, terms, prices, credits, discounts and/or commissions of the MICHELIN Advantage Program at any time without prior notice.

    HOWEVER, there is no expiration date at this time. Michelin continues to work with FMCA to make this program available for FMCA members.

    I'm wondering if this is the same program (and same discount) as the one the Monaco International chapter has? On a $3,000 purchase a 1% saving would cover the dues, but I really don't need a 3rd chapter.

    The FMCA Michelin Advantage program is an FMCA member benefit and is not related to the Monaco chapter's tire purchase program.

  13. FMCA has announced that Chris Lusk has been appointed to the staff position of Events Manager for FMCA. Chris brings to the position his own extensive background and knowledge and has worked for FMCA since 1994. He will oversee the association’s Family Reunion & Motorhome Showcase events, among other duties.

    Jerry Yeatts, formerly director of conventions and membership services, now will focus attention full-time on FMCA’s membership services and benefits.

    “Chris will be able to rely upon his own experience as well as Jerry’s knowledge and expertise in the event planning area so that FMCA members can continue to enjoy the fantastic conventions they have come to expect," said Bradford Koshland, FMCA executive director. "Chris will do a great job for FMCA and its members as we move forward into the future. And Jerry has some great ideas with regard to enhancing the benefits and services offered to FMCA members and for recruiting new members to FMCA. I’m looking forward to seeing these ideas come to fruition.”

  14. Family Motor Coach Association has announced the results of the national officer election that took place during the group’s 86th Family Reunion & Motorhome Showcase in Madison, Wisconsin, in August. These four nationally elected officers will serve the group for the 2011-2013 term:

    Full-time RVer Charlie Schrenkel has been elected to serve as president of the association. Allen Rein of Canon City, Colo., was elected as national senior vice president; Vicky Ferrari of Titusville, Fla., will serve as national secretary; and Wil Young of Flowery Branch, Ga., will serve as national treasurer.

    The national area vice presidents who will serve the association during 2011-2012 are: Charlie Adcock, South Central; Andy Balogh, Northwest; Bobby Donald, Western; Paul DuBois, Northeast; Sonny Gillespie, International; Ralph Marino, Southeast; Harry Montgomery, Rocky Mountain; Bob Nebel, Midwest; Otho Tew, Eastern; and Jon Walker, Great Lakes. Connie Pool is the immediate past president.

  15. Family Motor Coach Association's 87th Family Reunion and Motorhome Showcase will be held at the Indiana State Fairgrounds in Indianapolis, Indiana -- the Racing Capital of the World.

    The dates for this event will be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Aug. 27, 28, 29 and 30, 2012, with family parking days on Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 25 and 26.

    This will be FMCA's first international convention at this location and the fourth FMCA international event in Indiana. The last time FMCA met in Indiana was in 1991, at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend for the 46th convention of the association.

    A host of activities are already in the works for this late-August Reunion. Information will be posted in the Indianapolis 2012 section of FMCA.com, as the event draws near. To register online, click here.

    For more information about the host venue, visit the Indiana State Fair Web site.

    We look forward to seeing you at FMCA' 87th Family Reunion and Motorhome Showcase in Indianapolis, Indiana!

  16. Every January, I get the "large issue" with the list of members who have recruted 10, 20, 50, 100+... members. I am wondering, how do they do it? I know it might seem self-serving, but could an article be put in the FMC magazine highlighting one or more of the members who have signed up a large number of new members and how do they do it?

    I've discussed FMCA with a couple of co-workers who have motorhomes, but they wern't interested. Aside from leaving issues of FMC magazines in Dr's offices, I really have no ideas on suggesting our great organization to others.


    Chris G.

    Thank you for your interest in signing up new members.

    The FMCA Membershp department can send a recruitment tool kit to you. It includes a CD presentation, called Go Recruiting On Wheels (G.R.O.W.), that provides tips for signing up new members and discusses the rewards you can receive for recruiting them.

    The kit also includes membership applications, information about FMCA, and postcards that your prospects can fill out to receive free issues of Family Motor Coaching magazine.

    FMCA members can request a copy of the G.R.O.W. CD and tool kit by contacting the Membership department at membership@fmca.com or (800) 543-3622. Just mention G.R.O.W., and they'll ship the materials to you.

    Here are a few member recruitment links on FMCA.com:

    Member recruitment (member login required)

    Recruiters extraordinaire

  17. When the FMCA national Bylaws were being revised in 2003, a subcommittee of FMCA members studied the Code of Ethics and how it should appear in the newly formatted Bylaws. The current Code of Ethics is now the last page of the Bylaws. The subcommittee gave the following explanation for condensing the Code:

    “The FMCA Code of Ethics (Appendix A) is combined with current Article IV, FMCA Code of Ethics to become FMCA Member Code of Ethics. The proposed FMCA Member Code of Ethics takes into consideration the broad responsibilities of FMCA with regard to operating a motor coach and respectfully treating fellow motor coach owners. The deletion of the specific rules for operating a motor coach makes the document timeless, without need for constant review and updating.”

  18. FMCA will hold its first Road Chef Contest, produced by Rollin' On TV, at the association's 86th Family Reunion in Madison, Wisc., in August. Valuable prizes await the three finalists chosen to prepare a one-pot meal in 30 minutes or less.

    Send in one of your favorite recipes by Friday, July 15 … you could be donning your chef's hat in Madison to put your recipe to the test — and possibly win the title of Best Road Chef!

    How to enter and more details: FMCA seeks best Road Chef


  19. Google Map shows the route north to Limon and then west as 19 miles shorter with exactly the same drive time as taking 87 and picking up I25 at Raton.

    The plus about the Limon route: avoids most of the mountains. The negatives: a couple of small towns and some not so good road surfaces (at least when we took it last summer on our way home to Texas from Redmond, OR). We often choose the less beaten path (fewer Interstates) and would probably repeat the route we took.


  20. Are you sufficiently confused now?:rolleyes:

    Well explained.

    Best: Caterpillar ELC (BTW that is what I use in my Caterpillar powered motorhome).

    Acceptable: A low silicate for diesel coolant meeting the ASTM D6210 specs. This coolant requires monitoring and adding SCA.

    UNaccpetable: High silicate coolant for automobiles-- like the normal Prestone you get at Walmart. And the possibility that they used this one is the reason I recommended verifying by part number what they used!

    BTW, I think you will find that Cummins and Detroit Diesel have very similar requirements.

    Here is a link to Prestone's website-- as you can see, they make a wide range of coolants, many for automobiles and light trucks (not intended for diesels) as well as the correct coolant for you diesel. If you click on a coolant and then on "Instructions" you will get a better feel for what is required. This is AFTER you find out exactly what Prestone product the dealer used.



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