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  1. For Brett and Gary: I called the local Cat dealer today and he said the regular anti freeze was ok just add 1 quart of SCA to the radiator. I asked about the ELC and he said that would be better but would cost 2 hours labor plus the coolant. It works out to $ 7.00 vs $ 300.00+. I am not against spending the $ 300 but wonder if adding the SCA to the regular anti-freeze now and changing to ELC later (next spring ) would cause any problems. Thanks to you both for the help. This is my first diesel pusher and I love it!! I do want it to last so I will wait to hear what you both think. Darrell

    Again, you need to find out what "regular antifreeze" was used.

    Regular automotive antifreeze (high silicate) is NOT OK.

    Low silicate coolant for diesels is OK and if it tests low on SCA, SCA can easily be added. Retest and add more if needed. The test strips are only about $1 each.

    Find out the coolant part number they used. Post it here for us to research or look it up yourself. Again, your Caterpillar owners manual will give the MilSpecs that coolants must meet for your engine.


  2. Welcome the FMCA Forum.

    First question-- do you have one or two RIDE HEIGHT VALVES in front. Ride height valves control air flow to the air bags. One axle will have one ride height valve the other will have two. We need to know if the fronts are supplied by the same or two different valves on your chassis.


  3. Just from a scientific standpoint, there is one large bit of information missing from that write-up.

    What concentration Hydrogen Peroxide are they using in those quantities. There is a huge range of products you can easily purchase ranging from the diluted stuff in the drug store, to stronger concentrations for hair bleaching to even stronger commercial concentrations.

    To give a volume without % doesn't tell us much.

    But, like Bill, I will stick with chlorine as my tank disinfectant when I need to sanitize my potable water tank. And I do that anytime the water in the tank is over 2 weeks old in the summer or 3 weeks old in the winter.


  4. Darrell,

    Welcome to the FMCA Forum.

    In a word, YES, you need to change the coolant if someone put in regular Prestone like you would buy at Walmart for your automobile. That is a high silicate cooant with no SCA and is NOT approved for your engine (or most other diesel engines for that matter.

    Pull out your Caterpillar "Operation and Maintenance Manual" that came with the coach (or pick up one from any Caterpillar dealer). It has a section on the cooling system and includes the mil specs of approved coolants.

    Prestone does make a "low silicate for diesels coolant with SCA", but it sure isn't the regular stuff you can get at most Walmarts.

    Many manufacturers make coolants that meet these specs.

    You might also want to consider switching to Caterpillar ELC. No SCA adding/testing is needed and it is good for 6 years vs 3 for regular low silicate coolants.


  5. Welcome to the FMCA Forum. There are two battery banks on your coach -- each bank could have one or more batteries. Chassis battery(s) start the coach. Think of it as the same as the one in your car or truck. The other is the house battery(s). They supply the "house needs," such as 12 VDC lights, water pump, PC boards on many appliances, etc.

    I assume you are talking about the house battery bank. Some are 12 VDC batteries, some are two 6 VDC batteries wired in series to make a 12 VDC battery.

    Most owners manuals for motorhomes are not complete with wiring schematics. Since you can do a lot of damage by hooking up the house battery incorrectly, you might swing by an RV repair shop and have them point out the positive and ground connections. Brett

  6. I can tell you what I did in our past two coaches. If you will be using the lamps in the same location all the time, they can be permanently mounted. Lowe's and Home Depot have parts for lamps. I bought a long threaded lamp rod. Drilled a hole through the top of the furniture or cabinet and extended the rod through with a lock washer and nut below. The wire will need to be extended out of the rod. I was able to install an additional outlet in the cabinet for the lamp and could use the other half of the outlet to charge my phone. I don't have any pictures, but we have not had any trouble at all with this installation. If you need additional information send me you phone number, and I be will happy to help.

    I like this answer. Specing a "hold down" for normal travel leaves it as a flying object in an emergency.

    FAR better to permanently secure it so there are no worries in an emergency.


  7. I could not disagree more. While more is certainly better, I cannot imagine any scenario where 2 15,000 BTU A/C units would only reduce the interior temp by 5 degrees. While 3 might be better, 2 should do a dramatically better job than described here.

    I agree with Bill. Start at the beginning-- verify that the two A/C's you have are working properly.

    You can start, even before taking it to a dealer. Get an A/C thermometer. Record temperature at the air return. Record temperature at the closest outlet with the A/C set to high. PLEASE LET US KNOW WHAT YOU FIND.

    And absolutely the first thing to check is that the filter(s) are not clogged. Second is that the ducting is connected properly to the A/C unit.


  8. The clock-wise 27 Nm is the tightening torque in Newton-meters. I donno the conversion to ft-lbs, but I'm sure you can get a conversion chart online.

    1 newton meter = 0.7375621 foot-pound

    27 X 0.7375621= 19.9 ft-lbs.


  9. You can trace the air line from front air plenum up to the horn solenoid or from the horns down to the solenoid. After you determine how it works (whether the horn button supplies the GROUND (more common) or 12 VDC positive to the solenoid, you can disconnect the wire from the horn button and apply ground/12 VDC positive.

    That will quickly tell you if the solenoid is bad or if there is problem in the wiring, horn button or steering column.


  10. During FMCA's Madison Family Reunion, Aug. 10 to 13, 2011, FMCA will be offering a text messaging service to deliver important messages to you. We can send text messages to your cell phone to alert you to special events, severe weather, event cancellations, changes in venue and other news.

    There is no cost to sign up. The only charges you incur are the normal fees charged by your mobile service provider for receiving text messages.

    Sign up for the text messaging service online. Or, sign up by texting the word "madison" to 313131 (or 393939 for Canada).

  11. Free Wi-Fi high-speed Internet access is now available to FMCA members who stay at FMCA's national office campground in Cincinnati.

    The FMCA Campground has 15 full-hookup (50-amp electric) sites for members to use free of charge. All sites are on paved surfaces. Maximum stay limit: two days per month.

    The campground is located behind the Round Bottom Road office building, which houses the Member Services department, the Mail Forwarding operations and storage facilities. The campground address is:

    3590 Round Bottom Road

    Cincinnati, Ohio 45244

    Members should always call ahead before arriving at the campground. Occasionally the campground is occupied by FMCA chapters holding rallies or by members of the Executive Board and various FMCA committees. So, call ahead before visiting.

    FMCA members are welcome to tour the main FMCA office building on Clough Pike as well as the Round Bottom Road office. Members should not drive their motorhomes to the Clough Pike office, however, because its parking lot cannot accommodate them.

    For more information about using FMCA's campground or touring the offices, e-mail membership@fmca.com or call (800) 543-3622 and ask for the Member Services department.

  12. Family Motor Coach Association has announced that Jerry Yeatts, director of conventions and commercial services, has now assumed responsibility for membership services as well.

    Mr. Yeatts will take on responsibilities formerly handled by Beverly Spurgeon, who retired in March after 42 years of service to the association.

    “Beverly will be greatly missed at FMCA. She quite capably oversaw FMCA’s member benefits program and helped to ensure excellent service for the FMCA membership for many years,” said Bradford Koshland, FMCA executive director. “Jerry has been serving FMCA members through his planning of FMCA’s outstanding biannual events, and in his expanded leadership role, he will now be able to use his broad-based talents to further serve members and to help FMCA to reach out to motorhome owners from throughout North America who have yet to join the FMCA family.”

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