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    Any Canadian Benefits?

    Herman, you're right, the difference in the dollar would impact the Canadian selling prices. Whether Continental or Michelin, would call for specific Cdn prices reflective of a similar FMCA discount as in the US. I would not expect the US price in Canada unless our dollar climbs back to par...(not expecting that anytime soon...) Carl also makes a valid point. I expect this has been a factor all along which is why we need FMCA to leverage the US membership numbers in the negotiation.
  2. IanBullock

    Galveston TX RV parks/resorts

    Looks pretty good, light jacket, hoodie weather. A big improvement on the snow and blow in the north! Thanks for this,
  3. IanBullock

    Any Canadian Benefits?

    Dan, Thank you for your efforts. Having spent many of my working years in the procurement field, I can appreciate how difficult it is to pull together a truly North American deal. Most companies have an independent Canadian entity that US agreements do not extend to. its been my experience that the only way to get the Canadian entity to honor the agreement is to get the US entity to pressure them in to it. This generally can only be accomplished thru the most Senior Mgmt. channels, i.e. the US President calls the Canadian President. Not sure if this is the case at Michelin or if you have already tried this.. if not, if you could make it important to Michelin Senior Mgmt., you might get some traction.. Ian
  4. IanBullock

    Galveston TX RV parks/resorts

    Greetings all. After reading thru all the comments and looking thru the web sites of the various RV parks listed above, the Galveston area looks really appealing and thinking about as a winter local. Just wondering, what's the weather like February / March. Is it generally warm enough?
  5. IanBullock

    Any Canadian Benefits?

    Any update on this request?
  6. IanBullock

    Flat Towing--What do I need

    2 things. Supplemental braking system and towing lights.
  7. As well, if you are looking for TV mounting brackets, go to Amazon.com. a very good large assortment....
  8. If you are looking for a new off the shelf TV with ROKU installed, you may want to look at the TCL line. Pretty decent TV's, reasonably priced, have seen at WalMart...
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    Folgers in the coffee maker for us! Although we do use a Keurig at home with McDonalds McCafe cups. Both are pretty good!
  10. IanBullock

    Do I need leveling jack/pads/chocks

    Me too! I also heard that they have this new thing called a "level" that works even better! 😁
  11. IanBullock

    No water pressure on hot water side

    Sorry when I said "backflow preventer", I meant "Checkvalve". Not sure if this is related to the anit siphoning valve you replace related to your black tank washer.
  12. IanBullock

    No water pressure on hot water side

    Sounds like the backflow preventer is stuck in the closed position obstructing the water flow? This is usually located on the main feed line out of the hot water tank.
  13. IanBullock

    Black Tank Pressure Cleaning

    Arrive at a campground at 9 AM? I'm doing well if I can check out of a campground by 9 AM,,,,,,,
  14. The winnebago 4x4, 4 seasons model appears to be new for 2018. Didn't know about that one. Is that the only one on the market this year? The Avion Azur looks to be better insulated. And although it is advertised as a 4 seasons RV, I couldn't find a definitive answer on whether or not the plumbing had a winter heated option.
  15. Hi Mark, I couldn't say for sure as to whether or not there are any true 4 season Class B motorhomes, but I'm guessing that due to the fact that the ones I've seen do not have a heated basement (or any basement for that matter), it would be difficult to protect the tanks and plumbing lines from freezing. Many Class A's have this feature as well as heated tanks. As well many Class A's have some sort of additional floor ducted heat system to keep the coach toasty while traveling from front to back also protecting additional plumbing lines within the living areas. In addition many Class A's have additional insulation to whether the seasons. So my answer to your question would be a no, likely no true 4 season Class B's.
  16. IanBullock

    1st MH Road Trip w/ mileage

    Deep breath,,,count to 10...
  17. IanBullock

    1st MH Road Trip w/ mileage

    Although the KOA is nice, if you want to stay beach front, I would recommend that you check out Ocean Lakes. although at this late date they may be getting full. https://www.oceanlakes.com/ much nicer than the KOA...IMHO
  18. IanBullock

    Buying a gas class A

    I have to agree with Phil. Dealer support is a huge in deciding what brand to buy. Further to this, manufacturer support is likely even more important. Between the trailers and MH's we have owned over the last 20 years, none have come without issues. What made the difference between them was warranty support. We are happy with our 2010 WB Suncruiser 37F gasser. What has made the biggest difference in drivability between it and previous gassers we have owned is the Workhorse engine and Allison transmission powertrain. A huge improvement on the previous Ford chassis we have owned. No more screaming up the hill!
  19. IanBullock

    Motor home racing

    You and me both!
  20. IanBullock

    Motor home racing

    That video is great! LMAO
  21. IanBullock

    Humor for those waiting for spring

    Beautiful and white? Only on a Christmas card!
  22. IanBullock

    Humor for those waiting for spring

    Well that "Chance of Snow" in the forecast has now become "Snow for Sure" Will Spring ever come?
  23. IanBullock

    Humor for those waiting for spring

    Still calling for a chance snow here this weekend, but I'm ready!
  24. IanBullock

    FMCA April edition

    That looks like a great magazine Didn't know it was out there. Thanks for the link
  25. IanBullock

    Air Pressure Doubler

    Although I also carry a compressor, I usually leave my tire changing needs to the roadside assistance crew....