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  1. I agree with Richard. I pretty much check once a month, or as soon as possible thereafter if I have forgotten,,,,
  2. cogriffins, do you have roadside assistance? Were they not able to assist? If you don't, would suggest you get it. FMCA has a great deal at $69/year.
  3. Agree with all that has been said before. Would never buy tires that have a production date of 6 months or older. Always balance all of our tires when mounting.
  4. If you are looking to stay within walking distance of the beach, close to Corpus Christi, then may i suggest you look at PIoneer RV Beach Resort. We are headed their next December. It's just south of Port Arsnsas, north of Mustang Island. Here is the link to their web site. https://www.pioneerrvresorts.com/ They are taking reservations now.
  5. From what I can tell, based on what I see in the RV parks we've been thru, the Weber BBQ seems popular.
  6. Yeah but if you finance it over 20 years its only $13,529.65 per month...🙂
  7. Ours are mounted on the side walls just below the rear view mirrors. I find they provide a better view than the mirrors as the totally eliminate all blind spots. When changing lanes I always the camera view in conjunction with the mirrors, just to be sure.
  8. Mike, just checked out the Alsatian RV Resort website. Looks like my kind of resort too! Thanks for the link..
  9. Hope to meet as many of you in person at the rally next March!
  10. Success! The cure for DB's Cabin Fever! Just got off the phone booking our site near Corpus Christi for next January and February. Pioneer RV Beach Resort. Heard there is a FMCA rally in the works in Tucson so will likely head to Arizona come March.
  11. I could be wrong but I don't think this RV enthusiast is particularly concerned about the cosmetic appearance of his rig...
  12. As far as I can tell, some version of theme parks works for all kids. Especially in summer. Most have water park offerings as well which are always popular.
  13. 3 was the magic number for us. When our kids were younger we used to head out for vacations that we called the "Roller Coaster Tours". Usually traveled for 3 weeks, took our 2 girls and a friend of theirs, headed for the closest Six Flag's park, many have campsites, bought a Six Flags season pass for all, a few days later moved on to the next state, next Six Flag park. Repeated until time to head home. Usually hit 4 or 5 parks a trip. Kids had a blast! Got our monies worth out of the season passes too!
  14. Thanks everyone! Especially to Roland who stopped by yesterday, WOW, and Carl who has been to Pioneer RV Resort previously. I'll be calling first thing on the 12th to reserve! Bill, Lagoons looks nice, but its not close enough to the beach, according to the DW,,
  15. I plan our route mostly using Google maps, determining stops along the way by the distance we want to travel each day. Generally no more than 300 miles. Once I have determined the approximate area we want to stop in, I use RVParky or the KOA app to locate nearby campgrounds. Sometimes i book campgrounds in advance, sometime the night before. If we are traveling thru a popular vacation area, I will book as far in advance as needed.
  16. Carl, I agree. Thanks for your thoughts on Pioneer, they pretty much match up what I have read from other's reviews. Roland, yes, time is of the essence. I called around over the weekend and many parks are either booked, filling up or just a few days away from taking reservations for next winter. I checked with Pioneer and they told me to call back on March 12th and they would be "happy to make our reservation". I hope this means that they have availability. ☺️
  17. Thanks everyone for the recommendations and info on the Galveston area. All looks nice but I think we are going to go a little further south to the Corpus Christi area in search of slightly warmer weather. Me and the DW are partial to closer to 70 degrees. In my search for a gulf front spot to winter next January thru March, I came across the Pioneer RV Resort on Padre Island, Corpus Christi, just north of Mustang island. From the website, it looks really nice and is just steps from the beach. Has anyone been there? Recommendations?
  18. Wayne, that's quite a list. Thanks for this, checking out the parks you mention will give me something to do over the weekend,,,,
  19. Carl, I was thinking somewhere in the $700 - 800 range per month, not including electric. If less, even better.
  20. Doesn't look too bad in southern Texas? The DW and I were seriously looking at either South Padre Island or the Corpus Christi area next year to winter. January thru March. I'm thinking Corpus Christi as the weather looks nicer, warmer, and I hear South Padre is very windy. Anyone have experience in either area, any recommendations on nice affordable RV Parks, close or on the beaches?
  21. Yup, sorry about that! If you grocery shop at Walmart you'll find the experience very similar to the U.S., just a slightly different selection. And likely cheaper for most items once you you factor in the U.S. to Canadian exchange on the dollar, except chicken and dairy, of course,,,
  22. Milk is exactly the same as in the U.S. Whole, 2%, skim, etc. Sold by the liter. Just pricier. All dairy including cheese and eggs are regulated products and artificially priced to supposedly make sure the farmers make a decent living. Like the fairtrade concept. Same for chicken. More like the cartel concept if you ask me...
  23. We didn't get a chance to tune in until halftime. Really enjoyed the show and the last half. Maybe that's because we missed the boring first half?
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