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  1. On 1/12/2019 at 10:00 AM, manholt said:

    Ian.  Sounds like a good plan!  Leave your parka at home!!!  What happened to Galveston, TX., we to cold for you?

    Parka at home? You bet! Galveston? Maybe next year. DW wanted to go to Daytona 500 so Florida it is, for this year..

  2. On ‎1‎/‎8‎/‎2019 at 7:44 PM, WILDEBILL308 said:

    Where are you headed? Some place warm in the south like Buffalo?😉


    Buffalo? Heck no, they have more snow there than I do here!  Something called the "lake effect".

    Headed to Bradenton Beach area, Florida. going to spend a few months there. and then up to Myrtle Beach for a month. By the time we get back it'll be May and spring should be well underway.  At least that's the plan..

  3. 11 hours ago, WILDEBILL308 said:

    I don't know what you are talking about.:o By the way it was 74 today and I was looking at places on the coast where it was warm.🤩


    It was a balmy -4 here overnight yesterday.  Heading south in a few weeks, wish I already had!

  4. Boatman, good luck with your repairs. Unless you have access to a heated garage, best you can do right now is try to seal up any leaks and wait until spring to repair.  Keep in mind that there could be many other sources of water intrusion other than the roof.  Best to check all roof seams, especially where the roof meets the walls or end caps,  and seals around any wall  mounted items directly above the damaged area such as windows, mirrors, marker lights, awning supports, exhaust fans, etc.  

    Carl, happy to share.  This type of damage was at first a huge mystery to me too.  Took me quite a while to figure it out myself.


  5. 8 hours ago, manholt said:

    Holes look round and uniform in size, like a tool was used to allow water to drain? 

    The holes are caused by droplets of water in the walls expanding while they freeze causing the exterior surface to pop out.  That's why they all look to be about the same size and are round. 

    Very common issue in older MH's found in northern states and provinces. 

  6. I had the same issue on a previous "new to me" 2001 Itasca Suncruiser. 

    I came to realize the damage to the sidewalls was caused by water infiltration thru several sources. One was a crack in the skylight over the shower (which allowed water into the roof and then into the wall panels, another was thru leaky top window seals in the bedroom wall, another thru compromised mirror mount seals, another thru compromised awning arm mount seals. 

    Once I had all the leaks fixed, I then sanded the damaged wall areas,  used fiberglass auto body filler to fill all holes, sanded as needed, and finally repainted (sprayed) all repaired areas blending the paint to match. 

    Came out really nice, MH looked like new and we never had a repeat of the issue again. 

  7. Carl, hate to have to be the one to point this out but your pricing is off.

    Gas today is currently just under $1.00 CAD.  That about $3.78 per gallon CAD.  At today's exchange rate of $1.357 USD to CAD, the in USD is $2.78 per gallon.

    Now that is still more expensive than in the US. its $2.26 per gallon in Maine,  but the good news is that Halifax is only about 340 miles from the border of Maine, so Tim will likely only have to buy a tank or so at the $.50 per gallon price differential.


  8. 3 hours ago, fagnaml said:

     I've hand washed my motorhome when needed using a big bucket, Mequiar's Ultimate Wash & Wax, and long handle brush followed by hand-drying from a ladder with the "Absorber" synthetic chamois.   It's a very robust 2-3 hour 'shoulders, back and arms" work-out each time I wash my motorhome.  The end result is always a nice, clean, shiny motorhome!

    What is Blue Beacon's washing process?  If only high pressure soap and water, does their process do a good job of removing road film?  

    Yes. Generally a  high pressure soap and water wash and usually a good wash with the coach and toad clean. 

    Dont get me wrong, when at home I wash my MH using and long handle brush like you. 

    Blue Beacon is our choice when on the road..

    And yes, I would very much like a "wash-bot" too!

  9. 52 minutes ago, rfsod48 said:

    I have also used Blue Beacon. If you use them or any other wash be sure to tell them not to spray the coach vents for refrigerator.

    This is a very important point. We actually had this happen once and our fridge didn't run right for a few days following until it dried out.  

    I have since fashioned a plastic shield that I place behind the lowet vent cover whenever we stop for a wash. We turn the fridge off as a precaution until I remove it after the wash. Has worked well