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  1. I also use a brake buddy for the last 10 years and pleased with it. Quick to put in or take out and easy for the wife while I unhitch the Saturn SC2.
  2. Many years ago I bought a small Sears tankless 120 volt compressor that goes to 130 pounds with an accurate guage on it, that is pretty fast in airing my tires to 100 psi when they are down 5 or 10 psi. It was $50.00 at the time. I use it on 17 tires about once a month. I think it is going to outlive me. I have purchased and tossed in the garbage just about all the 12 volt compressors offered and would never consider purchasing another one for 100 PSI use. They are for toys. Bill Forrest
  3. I just tried to sign up with coach net but they aren't taking any apps from California. They seem to have all the other states and Canada in their applications but not California. I sent them an email but no reply-- dunno. May just go with Good Sam some more.
  4. My workhorse is a 2004 under a Rexhall. Mine was replaced 4 times before they quit having problems-- all at no cost by my local shop/non dealer. No problems since then about 2005.
  5. I tow a 2001 Saturn SC2. I put the key between the off and accessory and that unlocks the steering wheel and does not turn on any battery draining accesories. You must leave the key in the lock so I use the valet key. I then lock the doors and go if all else is done. bebop Bill Forrest
  6. Contact Bill Rex at the Rexhall plant in Lancaster, CA. Bill is a great guy and will do everything he can to help you out. Better yet come to our homecoming at the plant the end of October and he and the guys come over to your space at the park to see what they can do or fix for you. Bill Forrest
  7. I bought a new Class A in 2004 and it spent the first two years in the shops with 2 or 3 trips back to the factory and once the factory driver drug the entire left side against a concrete pillar in the gas station while fueling it to take it back to the factory. Slideouts had to be removed and reworked, hole in body was 3/4 inch out of square. But....................after 144 warranty items they fixed or paid my shop to fix everything so I kept the faith and today have a good motorhome with out any problems.
  8. Another thought on this. I purchased a new motorhome in 2004 and the fist time parked in the rain with all the slides out we woke up to water running in our face in the middle of the night. Back to the factory after we discovered the next day the hole in the wall was out of square by 3/4 inch checking with a plumb bob. Seals were jammed on one bottom side and not even touching on the opposite top side. They pulled out the slide and Moved the studs and got it down to 3/8 inch out of square when completed. They also put more backing behind the seals. It hasn't leaked since but when that slide is extended it looks bad because one outside wiper is turned under on the jammed side and the one on the other side sometimes comes out as it should. I usually take the awning pull down rod and position the wipers correctly but at least no more leaks. Incidentally they had to do a front slide later on and it has not leaked since either. Bebop
  9. I have a 8.1 Vortec Chev engine in my W22 workhorse under a 33 foot rexhall and tow a 3000 pound saturn at 55 mph the legel towing speed and I consistently get from 8.1 to 8.5 depending on weather and terrain. Bebop Bill Forrest
  10. We have been towing a saturn SC2 with Auto trans since it was new in 2001 and never a problem. Now has 65,000 miles on it so I just bought a new one to tow 4wheels down and it is a 2013 Chev Sonic 5 door hatchback that weighs 2700 pounds and we love it. Road master makes tow brackets for it that will mate with our other towing equipment and we only have to buy the hidden brackets and the wiring kit, for 399.00 and 75.00. Prolly a couple hundred labor at camper world to get in installed. Bill in San Jose, CA
  11. I always used them back in the day when I towed a 35 foot fifth wheel but never use them on the motorhome unless the lot is pretty far our of level then I will put them out for extra insurance. BeBop
  12. I am due for new tires. only 14K miles but out of date. Calif sales tax is 8.5 % so thinking of going to Oregon to buy tires, and save sales tax and maybe a gouging factor too. A couple years ago at about 8 or 9000 miles I noted Pass side front wearing on outside. I took it to alignment shop and they changed toe in by 3/8 inch, advising that would end the wear problem. I just made three trips inc last summer and now have 14,000 miles. I looked at the front tires. Driver side is normal and pass side is way worse. What now?? Please advise any tires shops in Oregon on or near the I - 5 corridor. Web page or email would be really helpful. Thanks to all. Learned quite a lot on this site today. Good solid info. Thanks for the wear chart and advise about repairs related to it. Thanks for any Oregon INFO. Tires are Goodyear 19 inch originals. Coach is class A workhorse W 22. 33 foot. Bebop Bill
  13. We have the 8.1 Vortex engine in our Rexhall 33 foot with two slideouts, gross 22000 pounds and tow a 3000 pound Saturn. We are now at 13,000 miles and getting from 8 to 9 miles per gallon depending on terrain and wind speed and direction. I am satisfied with that. That gives me almost a 700 mile range on a tank of gas. I had the Ford 460 in the last motorhome that was a 35 foot and it only got about 6 miles to the gallon and way underpowered. Added a banks unit to that one and that made it whole Bebop
  14. Try this website: http://www.powergearus.com/ Bebop
  15. I am towing a bright yellow 2001 Saturn sport coupe SC2 called the Yellow Jacket since 2004 and never a problem and never get rear ended just hook it on and go. I checked on the Aura and found it was ok to tow 4 down also. I didn't buy it even though I liked it, cause they didn't have a yellow one:) One caution. Most states require auxillary braking in the toad, usually if they weigh over 12 to 1600 pounds. I use a brake buddy and it works fine. there are several other makes and models in the 1200.00 range plus labor. Suggest Camping world for such purchases and installs as they are everywhere when you get a warranty or other problem. happy RV'ing. PS: Camping world set up my Saturn for towing and the brake unit and never a problem with either. Bebop Bill
  16. When I had a problem with another brand it was one of the 4 spools had a failed O ring on it. replacing the O ring solved the problem. Another time I had a problem where one slideout would drift out a couple of inches when in storage for a couple weeks. That problem was also a failed O ring on a valve spool. Bebop
  17. I tow a Saturn SC2 sports car and all I have to do is put it in neutral, park brake off, and put the key half way between accessory and on so that dash lights and over head lights go off and the steering column is unlocked. Never a dead battery and we might tow for several days without unhooking it. We also hook up the brake buddy but that isn't what you asked about. MY thinking is that the malibu ought to be the same. Perhaps the manual will let you know if anything is different about it. Bebop Bill Forrest, CAlifornia
  18. My 2003 Rexhall came with two slides and they both leaked when new. The bedroom was the worst. The bedroom slide was taken clear out of the coach to square up the hole in the coach that was 3/8 inch out of square. they returned it with only 1/8 inch out of square but it no longer leaks. The living room slide was repaired by pumping some kind of material in behind the seal to force it outward to make better contact with the slide. no further problems with slideout leaks. Bebop
  19. If the pump is running and there is plenty of oil and no oil is leaking out of the cylinders or lines then the control valve is probably not shifting. It could be electric between the switch and the valve. check for continuity at the valve connections. If you have voltage there then the possibility is a blown o ring on the valve spool itself. Your HWH manual should tell you how to deal with that. You can also call them on their 800 number for help. Bebop
  20. The Camper World Ad I received yesterday has Good Year tires the G70 19.5 advertised at $345.00 per tire, mounted, balanced, installed, and out the door, no add ons other then sales tax. Note that Oregon does not have sales tax and there are camper world stores there. Bebop
  21. Having RV'd since 1979 and full-timed for five years and buying one extended warranty on a motorhome, we have learned to: Put the payment amount in a separate motorhome savings account each and every month, investing in the best guaranteed return available such as CDs etc. and paying any repairs out of these proceeds. After owning several RVs over the years, some used and some new, I've found that I am several thousands of dollars ahead. Bill
  22. I had a 1995 Suncrest Sunbus 35 foot and it was built on an Oshkosh Chassis built by John Deere that was sold to Freightliner Corp. They still had archives at Oshkosh last time I checked so maybe they can help you. Bebop
  23. have you tried spot remover for carpets. I use it and also a stain remover for dog Pea that i buy in a pet store to get the yellow stain off my carpet when Rocky dawg has an accident. I wonder about a mixture of bleach with some detergent mixed in it. try a hidden spot first for discoloring. Bebop
  24. Remco makes a drive line disconnect that will allow you to tow 4 down. they have ads in most all of the RV mags or someone here can post it for you, Bebop
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