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  1. Also try RiverCity in Sherwood, AR 501.833.1420
  2. I change my own oil simply because I trust my own work more than others and that last little bit to drain out usually contains what needs to drain out the most. One thing I did not read was the problem Ford had (I assume other brands also) with dip sticks being marked wrong. Every professional mechanic I have talked to will also was recommend relying on the owners manuel or shop book for liquid amounts as oil pans, etc. vary based on end use and dip sticks may not be matched correctly to the oil pan.
  3. what? no more cats? there are a lot of mature cats needing a good RV lifestyle. and they generally blend in fine with the "dawgs"
  4. does anyone have the mailing adress for wal-mart close to hand? letters need to be sent
  5. We fulltime with 2 cats and 1 yorkie. One cat is 15 years the other cat is a newbie at only 2 years and he has never lived anywhere else. We have had as many as 5 cats and until recently 2 yorkies. We have tried many types of litter boxes and the best by far is one made by "clever cat"-- excellent at controlling litter. Of course we vacuum often, every day or two or three. We rescue all of our kids so most are older when they move in with us and they all live very long lives so I do not feel the RV lifestyle bothers them a bit. I do recommend keeping all vet records current and close at hand and I also keep 3 or pet carries stored in the basement in case the M/H breaks down. Several I have talked to find it harder to travel with a spouse than a pet.
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