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  1. On 1/19/2018 at 1:40 PM, C4fdr said:

    Who has had the problem with front wheel wobble due to the change to an electric steering on 2014-2018 Jeep Cherokee's with the Active Drive II option and had to have the Jeep front tow harness kit installed (kit instructions PDF on this post) on their Jeep Cherokee.

    Yes and Jeep does not volunteer this info. You have to tell them you had a swaying issue yet this is a serious safety problem. It should be a recall.On top of it all, they no longer pay to modify their problem. Cost me 800 dollars today to have both switches installed. You gotta love Jeep Chrysler forbtheir concern. Have a look at the towables list and description. No mention of owners havying to shell out like this. None of the competitors require.

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