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  1. Thanks for the advice. I was actually thinking of the two 12V Battleborn Li batteries in parallel, but of course, that requires me to buy two batteries at about $1000/battery. But I appreciate the information about the charging parameters. I'm not currently wired for solar, so it's good to know I can just keep doing what I'm doing on traditional shore power hookups, and be able to travel twice as far on the charge. Sounds like the next stop is Oregon (no sales tax!)
  2. I'm hopeful that you can help educate me on upgrading my house batteries. I have two 6-volt Lifeline AGMs that I'd like to replace with a Lithium house battery. Apparently they only come as 12-volt batteries, so I assume I only need one. I've been looking at those Battleborn 12-volt Lithium batteries. However, the two current AGM batteries are "housed" under the hood of my Sprinter (Roadtrek RS Adventurous). Has anyone fabricated an adapter cradle to prevent the smaller Lithium battery from flopping around in the engine compartment? Also, those of you with more experience might be able to help me avoid any pitfalls, but I'm hoping to install the Lithium battery first (soon) as a straight drop-in replacement, without doing any immediate upgrades of my charger/controller. Someday, I hope to upgrade those and install aftermarket solar panels. Does anyone have experience that shows this is a bad idea? Those batteries are expensive, so I don't want to do something stupid by charging them via shore power and frying the rest of my Roadtrek. Thanks for your help!
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