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  1. hermanmullins, With the SaniCon attached to the outlet but turned off the two tanks can connect using the two tank valves and not much waste goes out through the bypass in the time it takes for a full gray tank to equalize with an empty black tank. Usual method with SaniCon: drain outlet connected to sewer; open black valve; turn on SC and black tank wash until tank is empty; turn off SC, open gray tank valve, wait a minute; close gray tank valve; repeat previous steps once or twice until effluent is almost clear; turn off black tank wash and close black tank valve; open gray tank valve and turn on SC until tank is empty. When winterizing, I do flush with fresh water and then leave the SC disconnected.
  2. We also have a 2007 Monaco Diplomat with the Sani-Con system. I like the system very much. I leave it connected most of the time, only disconnecting to winterize and now when staying in a park for several months in the winter (not using the Sani-Con at all). I like the easy dumping even though it takes longer to dump. As an additional advantage, the gray tank contents can be used to rinse the black tank (empty the black tank first; open the gray tank valve to fill the black tank; close the gray tank valve; empty the black tank again; repeat ). This does a better job of cleaning the black tank than just using the black tank flush.
  3. I'm going to use the material for the sides of the stepwell and inside face of the firewall. I I need several pieces or one large (30" x 84") piece to cut up. Most places that I tried (including Lowes and Home Depot) will only sell completed kitchen countertops, not the material. One local counterttop place would order me a new sheet (30" x 144"), but it was very, very expensive. My best possibilities I found on Ebay and Craigs List. The hard part has been finding big enough pieces in a similar color. I found a source of some surplus sheets on CL, so it looks like I will be able to buy a full sheet if we can work out cutting it and shipping it. Assuming it all works out, I will end up with what I want plus quite a bit of extra material.
  4. I am currently doing a project to remove all carpet (except for bedroom and slideout). On the floor I am replacing with tile to match the tile in the kitchen and bathroom. I want to replace the carpet that was on the firewall and down the sides of the stepwell with Corian type material that closely matches what is on the dining table, kitchen countertop, etc. My problem is that almost every place I have tried to get it from won't sell a sheet of the material, only a complete kitchen countertop. The ideal solution would be a surplus full or partial sheet. Anyone know where I might get some?
  5. The key to solving this problem is to match the settings in the receiver to the dish and lnb you are using. When you hooked up to your neighbors dish your home dish/lnb was different from his current dish/lnb. You needed to put into your receiver the dish and lnb type of your neighbor. (18" round, slimline 3, etc.and multiswitch or swm) I bring one of my receivers from home when we travel. If I use the roof dish I have to change the receiver settings and again if I set up an external Slimline dish. And of course it has to be changed back when I get home again.
  6. I ran an HDMI cable from the front overhead cabinet to the TV in the middle of the coach. I went through some cabinets and the longest run went behind the crown moulding. In the back of the cabinets I drilled a small hole. I took down the crown moulding, glued the cable in the corner, then reattached the crown moulding. The cable fit right into the void behind the crown moulding.
  7. We have stayed in several different campgrounds around the Boston area, making several trips a year when my daughter was a college student there. The campgrounds form a ring around Boston, none very close and all about the same distance. The Boston Minuteman Campground is northwest of Boston and looks like it used to be a KOA. It was a bit hilly but not bad. The Boston/Cape Cod KOA is also a good campground south of Boston and closer to Cape Cod. Circle CG Farm is southwest of Boston and was mostly permanent residents when we stayed there. Normandy Farms is south of Boston and is by far our favorite of the campgrounds that we have stayed at in the Boston area. So our choices are #1 Normandy Farms, #2 Boston/Cape Cod KOA, #3 Bsoton Minuteman Campground, #4 Circle CG Farm.
  8. We didn't have any problems finding a place to store the trailer. We always asked when calling the campground about the availability of a pull-through or a place to store the trailer. If the trailer needed to be stored, the campgrounds usually would move it for me.
  9. When we first purchased our motorhome, our current car could not be towed four wheels down or on a tow dolly. We were not willing to trade in our existing car for one that could be towed four wheels down so we looked into a car hauler. We decided to buy an aluminum car hauler, thinking that it would last a long time and retain it's value. This worked out very well for towing behind the motorhome. It also has worked out well for towing other things (my son's car to the mechanic, my daughter's car to the mechanic, pavers and cement blocks for the yard, etc.) behind my Excursion. We have sold the car and now have a newer one that can be towed four wheels down (which is how we tow it), When the car hauler is no longer of use, I expect to recoup most of my original investment.
  10. When getting ready to leave camp, my coach's instructions call for the engine to be started and the jacks retracted before pulling in the slides. This brings the air springs to normal height and no chance for the jacks to be putting any force on the frame. This way the slides should always pull in straight. Cliff
  11. I have the same toilet / SaniCon setup. I have used the method recommended in the SaniCon manual quite sucessfully. It uses the contents of the gray tank to rinse the black tank. By empting the black tank and then rinsing it this way two or three times, it seems to do a very good job of removing the solids.
  12. In my attempts to connect either the roof dish or an external dish to my Directv receiver, I found that the receiver input needed to be attached directly to the dish feed, not through the switch box. Apparently the switch box interferes with the satellite signal. So the receiver output can then be fed through the switch box to one or more tvs.
  13. I have had a 2008 Mariner Hybrid for over a year and towed with no problems (several trips of 700+ miles each way as well as shorter trips of <100 miles each way). I installed the baseplate, wiring, and the Unified Tow Brake. What I especially like about the brake system is that there is absolutely nothing to do to change back and forth between towing and not towing.
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