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  1. It looks like I made a mistake. I started rummaging around in the cabinets during a stop over and found that the culprit was a surge protector mounted next to the converter. The surge guard is made by Surge Guard and called an RV power protection transfer switch model 41260. There are a couple of fault indicator lights on the unit, but neither was on. I'll try surge guard and see if they can be any help. Thanks again for all of the help.
  2. Thanks Everyone. We are on the road, I should have some time in the next few days to post the make and model. It is hidden under a cabinet and I need to pull drawers to get to it. I don't have a multi-meter with me, but we are heading home next week and I have all of the equipment there. Everything seems to be working correctly, the batteries are not boiling, but we have a loud buzzing from the converter. We are in southern California right now and while the days have been warm the furnaces run at night so some of the charging is to replace the draw from the batteries.
  3. When we are plugged into shore power the converter runs all of the time. The batteries seem to be charging correctly and while dry camping the 12 volt system works correctly. We can go overnight without recharging. The motorhome is a 2010 and has the original 2-12 volt batteries for house power. Is this a sign that my batteries need replacing?
  4. Thanks for the information. I don't think it was low fuel, I fill up in Vegas for the trip home (gas is cheaper in Nevada) and make it home with about half a tank. This was around the half way point and my gauge was still reading full. It could have been junk in the line, I don't know i the generator line is smaller than the main gas line or has it's own filter. I will keep an eye on it and try to run the generator more.
  5. We were returning from Las Vegas to San Diego Monday and the temperature was around 100 degrees. When we stopped for lunch I decided to fire up the generator and turn on the AC. The generator started up and ran for a few seconds then died with a pop. It would not restart. The next day I was going to check it out, but it started without a problem, I tried a couple of more time over the next few days and it started each time. We don't do a lot of dry camping but I try to run the generator at least a half hour each month. The generator is an ONAN 5k on a 2010 Fleetwood. Has anyone had a similar problem or any suggestions on what the problem could be. My original idea was that the spark plug had worked loose, but now I'm thinking that it could be a vapor lock.
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