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  1. This set up had changed in 2013 Chevy's. My Trailblazer and 2003Tahoe both have the easy way with the M&G air brake. Car running turn 4 wheel knob clockwise to the end of swirh and light goes out. Put cR in Fwd then reverse to check the thing is in neutral put trans in N turn key off put trans in park.Plug air up lights and safety break. While doing this DONoT talk to any body until u R done for no accident s. My 2015 Silverado is more complicated but I will wait for the Trailblazer to die.
  2. we have been to Savannah a few times the first time we went to Paula's restaurant. Trust me on this<br />it's not worth the money o the wait even if you did make the reservations the day before. If you want a meal where it is fun and still have the "Paula" taste an dishes, go to Bubba's right off the<br />freeway , we had a blast in this place and laugh thru a 3.5 hour lunch. what fun.
  3. We have always use Dawn in the galley sink for dishes and washing hand before cocktail hour and that is how we keep the tank clean. I also add some more Dawn to the black water if I know I will be going where there is a dump at my NEXT campsite stop That way all of the tank will have the a good slashing back and forth when I stop. The black water tank is cleaned by the chemicals and when emptying the black water tank completely, I empty the tanks in the following manner: 1. Empty black water completely and leave the valve open/do not close the valve. 2. Open gate of the gray water water tank and wait until the tank has transferred over to the black water tank which will be about half of the gray tank there will be no gurgling of water when done. 3 Close off the valve of gray water tank. 4 Empty the black water tank again still leaving the valve open to the black water tank when finished. 5 Open the gray water tank again to let the two tanks equal out there will be no gurgling. 6 Empty the black water tank again until empty. Close the valve to the black water tank. You can continue this process again if needed. 7 Open the gray water valve and empty the gray water tank. This is a easy process and can be done with one cocktail and if you want to stretch it out a bit, have another cocktail. Remember don't try this while cruising down the road. I have done this method for 6 years and have NO problem ever with my system other than replacing 2 Dupree valves. I have a pump out system in my coach which is THE option to install if you don't have one. When boating I didn't have this type of system (and they were not available) and when you are pumping out 150 gallons out of a boat there are trials and tribulations that you need to know about. With a RV you have options and there is no back up "instant shower of the dirty kind" when you pump out. Thanks for gravity. Happy Trails to U. Scooter and Crew
  4. This family must be part of the legal system that has the mentality that if you think you can get a buck go for it. The attorney does it free and splits the ransom with the practioner of follishness. I had a person come to my door at 2:00am at the rest area on the WVA turnpike. I asked him want he wanted, through the closed door, he had a story as he placed his hand on the door latch to see if it was locked. Since there was a very small window open on the door just to get your hand out he could hear the unmistakable sound of a 45 cocked and loaded, he left before his story was finished. The last I saw of him was his backside running away in the backup camera. My next message will be to Walmart to tell them "Thanks" for thier generousity to travelers such as us to just stop rest, shop, and be on our way.
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