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  1. Just had a bad experience with the FMCA roadside assistance regarding a qualified facility. We broke down in Trinidad, CO with our Cummins 425 ISL engine locked up due to leaking coolant into the engine. The engine was going to need a rebuild. We told the FMCA service that we wanted to be towed to a certified Cummins shop in Pueblo (90 miles away). They said no and first offered us two locations in Raton, NM and one in Walsenburg, CO. The first one in Raton was out of business, the second was an RV park with no mechanic. The one in CO, their phone was no longer in service. They had no idea of what qualified meant. Our tow truck driver said we should have had AAA RV Plus as they will tow you where you want within a 100 miles. We paid $1,500 to be towed to a certified Cummins shop and we are still fighting with the FMCA roadside assistance. I called AAA and they confirmed what the driver told us, that for $145 membership they would have towed us.
  2. We are posting this to warn fellow travelers what may happen if they give a review for specific issues to Rayford Crossing or other campgrounds. We just got a surprising email from Rayford Crossing and spoke to Gwen, the owner. We have had our 3 year standing reservation for the winter canceled less than two months before our arrival. The reason being we wrote an honest review March 2015 and wrote candidly about the facility. We warned future users that you should stay near your rig on mowing days to protect it. We also put a warning that they use plug in scents that can set off problems for those with asthma or COPD. Our MH received thousands of dollars of damage at the Park while we were gone for two days. We thought it happened between the time we had gotten home and when we came back from our Vet, but did not really know. We reported the instance the night we found the damage by calling the after-hours number for Rayford Crossing, but did not receive a response. At that time we thought the damage had occurred that night and left that message. Later after talking to neighbors, the insurance adjuster and the estimator from Milstead, the consensus was that it was their lawn mowing service that had caused the damage as none of our neighbors were aware of any equipment running around the night of the discovery. We contacted their lawn service; they would not let us see their equipment but sent a representative. He denied, denied, denied. The next week, when they came with different lawn mowing equipment, they ran into another MH a Newell with the owner in it and again denied, denied, denied. About the only comment we received from Gwen after the second collision was that they have never had a problem with their mowing service. Rayford had a video of when we arrived, showing our passenger side was not damaged. We had looked forward to staying at Rayford even with the issues. But the Owners lack of customer service, a month and a half before our arrival, has denied us meeting with the friends we have made at Rayford Crossing over the years. Additionally we will miss going to the Chili cook-off at Halloween with our Tiffin friends that will be attending.
  3. Mine does not come on until I hit the brake or press cancel on our cruise control. Check if your programming can be changed.
  4. Did you do the fillup or an employee of the station?
  5. This is a Warning to those going Full Time without a physical residential address. We just attempted to move our funds to Fidelity Investment and they refused to allow us to open an account because we did not have a physical address. They said we could use one of our relative’s addresses. This would cause at least two problems: 1. I would be falsifying the paperwork as this is not my address and 2. It would screw up my credit reporting as I would not know what address the credit service was using when I would attempt to unblock my credit report so I could use my excellent credit. What Fidelity is claiming is that based on the Patriot Act we are a risk for money laundering. What makes this totally absurd is that my wife and I both went for our NEXUS interview last week with HOMELAND SECURITY and were cleared and our card is in the mail to our PMB in South Dakota, the only address we used. Additionally last summer and again this year we will be working for the BLM in Oregon, having gone through their HOMELAND SECURITY background check and fingerprinting with only our PMB address.
  6. My wife and I went round and round about this. We purchased a standard Subaru Outback as our tow vehicle that she said was fine when we test drove. Once we purchased the Outback, it isn't comfortable, it isin't my Lexus, I want my Lexus. Talked to numerous people about putting in the REMCO pump and towing 4 down and just couldn't get comfortable with the cost of the setup and the risk of possible harm to the Lexus. Three weeks ago we purchased a Tow Dolly for a lot less than the four down tow setup and we can now tow her RX330 and any other front wheel drive she falls in love with. We have peace in the house.
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