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  1. On tires and alignment I have had good results using Purcell Tires and Service located in Austin, Tx. They are a national firm so there is probably someplace near you. Also ask a truck stop in your area where the big trucks get that kind of service.
  2. Here is road side service story. My wife and I were headed home (Georgetown) from Corpus Christi on a late Sunday evening and pull off the interstate to get diesel at George West . Left the coach running while I went in to pay and start the pumps. Wife went to walk the dog. Upon returning could not open the door. Had the keys so I locked it and unlock it and still the latch would not work. had several people try and still locked out. We both left our cell phones in the coach so I had to use the station"s phone ( lesson learned-always have cell phone on you when you leave the coach). Call my service provider and they tried to get a locksmith at the remote location. After a two hour wait with the coach burning up my fuel- decided to break a window and crawl in. Indoor latch open the door with no problem. with wife in coach and me outside tried the door probably 50 times and it work every time. After a $300.00 bill fixing the broken window- we now leave one window unlocked when traveling.
  3. Go to Remco web site http://www.remcotowing.com/vehicles and enter your truck and it will tell you if it is possible
  4. I had all 6 tires trued and rebalanced and it gave me a smooth ride. Hard to find someone that trues tires anymore . Used Hunt Tire Service out of Winchester TN.
  5. Thanks for the suggestion. My wife and I love camping and golf. will check it out on my east coast trip
  6. Thanks Brett- sounds like good advice
  7. Question- I check my tire pressure when cold ( before the day's drive) and find one tire 3 lbs lower than I usually run. I don't have the equipment at the park to add air. Is it OK to add air at the fuel station. Like you measure the tire after you have driven- then add 3 lbs to that reading. Will that be acceptable ?
  8. I have a Blue Ox coach mounted. Easy for a one man connection and disconnect. I went with the 10000 lbs- overkill for what I drag- but I don't worry about it.
  9. Tony- Over the next several months will need new tires for my coach. I presently running Goodyear 295 80R 22.5 load range H. Thanks for the quote- kniowing that tire pricing changes regularly.
  10. You may have a bad GFI plug. I had one and had to replace it and all is well.
  11. Got my 3M spray at Home depot. Call contact glue. Comes in a spray can and sorta messy. While there buy a couple of sheets of cheap plastic drop cloth ($.99) Seems to be working. Robert Huffhines
  12. Was wondering the same. I am a active scrollsawer and plan to carry with me when I go full time. Good ideal about mounting it to plywood sheet and clamping to picnic table. Alot of the stuff I make require a drill press and router table so will probably need to change what I make. Robert Huffhines 2007 CC Tribute
  13. I have a 2007 CC tribute and it has a reel but not powered- you have to crank it. Works great.
  14. Mike The compressor does not short cycle and I had the freon level checked and it is OK. Believe the condenser fan was short cycling because the motor was about to go out. Replaced and all is well.
  15. Just getting back to the thread- the new fan is working fine and is so quiet I can barely hear it- from what I can tell it doesn't cycle now. This past weekend drove a 300 mile trip in 95 degree heat and everything is cooling as it should. Thanks again for all you help.
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