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  1. We are going to Maine, Bar Harbor in July 15 from Ocala Fl. & then to Niagara Falls, Looking for the best routes! Thanks Tom!
  2. We are going to Maine, Bar Harbor in July 15 from Ocala Fl. & then to Niagara Falls, Looking for the best routes! Thanks Tom!
  3. We are going to Maine, Bar Harbor in July 15 from Ocala Fl. & then to Niagara Falls, Looking for the best routes! Thanks Tom!
  4. We live in WPB Fl went to Yellowstone 2 yrs ago, a lot to see there! We went the first week in June & hit snow! We have a 37' A class towing a car. I'm planning on going to Maine this summer, What roads did you take? Tom --- WPB Fl.
  5. Florida to Maine, and then west to Niagra Falls! What is the best route, bypassing the big cities if I can? Have a 37' class a, towing a car. Thanks, Tom
  6. We had a 2003' Prius for a while, has to be towed on a dolly! Great car, but we sold it an got a 2006' Saturn, can be towed on all 4s!
  7. Thanks! live in WPB Fl, will check this out!
  8. Where are the best places to camp & see wild life? Thanks! Tom W.
  9. What is the best small SUV to tow on all 4 wheels, and good on gas? Tom W.
  10. This July & August we will be in British Columbia, working our way East to the Glaciers Pk. & the Rockies? Can you tell us the best places to see & routes here? We want to go due East to Wis or Michigan & then head South to Florida our home? This our longest trip in our new 37' Forest River 2013' Ford gas V-10 pulling a 2006' Saturn! Any advise would be helpful! THANKS! Tom!
  11. We are planning a trip this summer to British Columbia, Canada, July - August. We are planning to go due east. What would be the best scenic routes & roads? What about the weather at that time also? We have a 37' Georgetown gas, with a Saturn towing car. Are the Pks very expensive there? We have a passport America card. Thanks Tom W.
  12. We live in WPB Fl, Have a 37' Forest River on the road now coming back from Yellowstone Pk. We were thinking of going down their also! Tom -----
  13. We have a 37' 2009' Forest River, Georgetown, 2 AC on the roof. Traveled from WPB Fl in May to Yellowstone Pk, the first night there it was 27 & snow! Working on our way back to NC on route 40 New Mexico weather 105? our AC wont go below 80, the air is cold! but has to run for a long time? We shut it off for a while so it can rest up! Should we buy a small ac kicker to help it? Tom -----
  14. I have found the best way to clean black water tanks is to run water from your hose through your bath window, take your window screen out, disconnect your water from the fresh water tank! let it run in your toilet for about five minutes! Tom ----
  15. What would be the best scenic route from Jackson WY through SW CO to Asheville, NC. Have a 37' coach with a toad. Am trying to avoid the big cites the best I can! Will be traveling in mid summer. Thanks! Tom & Arlene ------------
  16. We are planning a long RV Trip in our 37’ Forest River towing a car from WPB Fla North West to Yellowstone. Can you recommend the best scenic route & best scenic states to travel through? We heard South Dakota, Glacier park, Rockies, was very pretty country. We are leaving at the end of April & have reservations at fishing bridge at Yellowstone the last week in May! From there we plan to head North-West to British Columbia for 2 weeks! Hope we make it? Thanks! Tom & Arlene ------
  17. I just got a 2006' Saturn, got a Blue Ox tow bar for it! First time towing on all fours! Planning on going to the FMCA Really in Wisconsin from Florida! Hope we can make it! Also bought a buddy brake system, I guess we will be selling our Prius! Tom Fla
  18. Anyone going to the FMCA Rally in August from Florida? We have a 37-foot Forest River and we are new at traveling! Are there any groups traveling together? Tom and Arlene
  19. What kind of gas mileage do you get? I got spoiled with my Pruis, 50 mi per gal, made up for my RV, 8 mi per gal! Tom ---
  20. Am planing a trip this summer from Florida to Chicago and Wisconsin and back! What are the best country routes and RV parks? We are new at this. We have a 37-foot Forest River. Tired of the city life, want to see the country, any good RV Parks & beautiful wildlife Parks! Thanks! Arlene and Tom Florida
  21. I know we have to go through some towns but will try to avoid them as much as possible, Just had enough city life, want to see the outdoors country! Tom ---
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