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  1. Thanks to this blog, I purchased a "Protect A Tow" (PAT), installed it and went to AK. I have an '09 Monaco Monarch and tow an '03 Mazda Miata using a Roadmaster Falcon2 hitch assy. The PAT shield is easy to attach/stow and it keeps alot of dust/dirt off the back of the MH and the towed. I did talk with manufacturer as I had to purchase a second Protect A Tow because I have an extension on my hitch and needed the longer shield. He wouldn't do a refund/exchange for the shorter one, but it sold quickly (at a loss) at a rally in Perry. After the trip to AK, I am having to repaint the Miata. The PAT is trapezoidal in shape and isn't wide enough at the towed to cover from the fog lights out due to the fastners on the towed are inboard to the sides of the fenders. Also the PAT shield doesn't protect the rear view mirrors. I guess I should have put cotton socks or something else on them but didn't. Bottom line, with a new paint job, and after more research, I think I'll go with the Guardian.
  2. My advice to you would be to get a second opinion from another Ford Service Manager. To those who offered their opinions: The transmission cooler is the smaller "radiator" usually in front of the larger engine radiator and blockage of air would affect cooling. Also, to Grandriver who wrote, "So nothing is turning and airflow is not relevant.” I would add that when towing my '03 Miata 6-speed manual transmission, the rear wheels turn the rear axles, which rotate the ring and pinion, which turn the drive shaft that does turn inside of the transmission. Therefore, to be safe and make sure the final "shaft bearing" in the tranny is lubricated while being towed, I over-fill the tranny by a pint of transmission fluid. I have towed it for over 50K miles this way and have... so far... not had a tranny problem....Every transmission is different so I would get advice from a trusted transmission tech.
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