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  1. Look at Ladybird Johnson RV Park in Fredericksburg. County Park, no frills but very nice and hard to get a reservation. If you golf there is a dynamite golf course. Fredericksburg has many attractions, the premier one being the World War II museum. A stone's throw from Luckenbach. Everyone has to visit Luckenbach :-)
  2. Check out Seawind RV resort. Not in the valley but the valley is too busy and crowded for us. Seawind is close enough and very nice.
  3. The problem I would have with the fit of HRV is that it is too small. The CRV was just the right size for a toad, at least for us. I guess we will just have to Keep the '03 CRV forever.
  4. We have towed an '03 CRV since it was new. Guess it will have to last another 130000 miles and who knows how far we have towed it since the odometer doesn't register those miles.
  5. I would not do it. With duals you can limp to a safe place if you blow one. With the super singles you are more dead in the water.
  6. It sort of depends on how big your coach is. For large vehicles I would recommend the motor carriers atlas. You usually are safe in following any route marked as a truck route with any size coach. With a smaller coach and a sense of adventure other atlases might be OK. We have used the motor carriers atlas for years.
  7. Ours came out in one piece but it is definitely not a one man job. We spent a lot of time in State Parks where there was no sewer hookup so the washer was essentially a useless waste of space. My wife refused to use it since it was so small capacity.
  8. Price would not be my only consideration. Coverage would be my prime concern. That is why we have one Veriizon and one ATT. Verizon service is nonexistent at our present location while ATT has good service, voice and data. The hot spot works well. The opposite may be true on our next move
  9. We have one iPhone on Verizon and one iPhone on ATT. One will usually work better as a hot spot than the other depending on location. Verizon is essentially useless where we are now either for voice or data while ATT works reasonably well for both. It has been our experience that the reverse may be true at our next location. In general this is like other posts where the best answer is like asking who makes the best hamburger. Whataburger gets my vote in that category but as far as router, it boils down to whatever works for you.
  10. CRV for 2015 is no longer towable. So if you choose CRV it will have to be a used one.
  11. I would have answered Honda CRV but Honda with their infinite knowledge has made the CRV untowable for 2015.
  12. My most white knuckle experiences with width have been on interstates and toll booths on toll roads. When you're 8.5 ft wide and it narrows down to 10 ft you don't have much wiggle room.
  13. Even the Farm to Market roads in Texas in general do not pose a problem to travel in a class A. We drive some FM roads going into Corpus Christi that are 4 lane divided highways near the city.
  14. We normally avoid the interstates. We have yet to encounter a low clearance that did not have adequate warning to avoid it. As other comments have said, there are atlases available and some Gps's list low clearances. As Charles Kuralt once said, "Interstates are wonderful. You can travel coast to coast and border to border and never see a thing."
  15. I watched them install the base plate on my '03 CRV. It was difficult even for the people that knew what they were doing. No way would I attempt that.
  16. My brake lights, turn signals, and tail lights are totally powered from the motorhome when towing. Park lights are not on. Sounds like yours were miswired.
  17. Went our to take a look. Very good view in Minneapolis. Eerie. I can see why the ancients were mystified and even terrified by an eclipse.
  18. I always drain my gas water heater. There's always a chance something could go wrong and the heat in the house could fail.
  19. I would agree with the opinions that the stop lights should NOT come on with the pac brake. With a very light pressure on the service brake pedal, YOU are in control of when the stop lights come on.
  20. My engine brake can be applied with a foot pedal and I use it a lot. The air brakes are only used for the final stop.
  21. Oil of peppermint on gauze pads helps (not a cure all). Be sure it is oil of peppermint and not just the peppermint extract you find in spice racks. Oil of peppermint lasts a lot longer. My dog even sneezes when we go back in after even a month. I feel peppermint is as effective as moth balls and is much more pleasant for humans. We use traps, D-Con and whatever else helps to cover all bases. There is not just one fix.
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