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  1. Thanks for all your info. Yes indeed there are two furnaces. One on each side of the coach. The thermostat does not show furnace in Zone 1 but does so in Zone 2. The model is Atwood 8525. Was not aware of the second furnace until realized there was no heat coming from the vents on the kitchen slide. Just went outside to check the model and found a hornets nest inside. Don't know how long they have been there. The furnace does not come on at all , there is no clicking, no nothing.
  2. Have just purchased a 2004 Monaco Diplomat 3 slide. When the furnace comes on it only works on one side of the motorhome and the other side does not. Checked around the motorhome and realized there are two furnaces. The main one works fine but the one on one living-room slide does not work at all. Any ideas of what could be wrong?
  3. Hi - just purchased a Class A 2004 40 foot motorhome in Florida. Will not be titled here as we will be importing to Canada. Does anyone know of an insurance company that will insure this for the trip home and thereafter. We have contacted our insurance company in Ontario but they don't insure anything over 35ft. Any other company we have contacted will not insure as it is not registered in Ontario. What do people do for insurance that buy and import back to Canada.
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