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  1. Definitly would start with a new fuel filter have exact same symptom with mine as soon as it gets hard to start or stay running change fuel filter and good to go . if that does not solve your problem then you could look at the fuel pump.
  2. Thanks for all replies will check all suggestions made will keep you posted
  3. Will not go over 40 miles per hour has no power changed fuel filter still same problem duramax gulfstream super c
  4. Thank you everyone for your input. After weighing all the pros and cons I went with the Amish helium charged coil replacement. I installed the unit myself and all is working great . Again thanks for all the info you provided.
  5. I do have the furnace under the fridge I have a 2000 watt inverter with 4 6volt batteries
  6. My norcold refridgerator just died after 12 great years of service . I can smell faint amonia but see no evidence of leaking yellow liquid like most do. I unpluged the unit and purchase a small fridge to get by on since we are in the middle of our eastern Canada vacation. My question is do I go residential or replace the coil with the new Amish type coil. One thing is we find ourselves doing a lot of boondocking and we use propane side of the Norcold often. If you all could give me your opinions and models of residential fridges that would fit into a Monaco Windsor 2002 would be much appreciated.
  7. No the manual just states that it is a 25 micron filter system . The hydraulic system is for the steering and cooling fan.
  8. Thanks for the quick reply Brett. The manual spec on the filter says it is a 25 micron filter just noticed the spec on the Wix is nominal 10 micron would this be a problem.
  9. Need some help locating some hydraulic canister filters for a 2002 Monaco Windsor Roadmaster R3200 chasis manufactured in 2001 the type of filter listed in the manual is a Nelson 84101B or a Parker INHC 5710. I am located in Canada and I am having no luck sourcing these filters. They are located in the reservoir tank in the engine compartment and are 3 canister filters stacked on top of each other in a tank. Any info or cross reference # would be appreciated.
  10. Thanks Walt .That is the site I needed. And I do have the one that can not be back lit. Oh well will look for other options. Thank you everyone for help. Mark
  11. Thanks for the reply Rich. It seems you have a wiring diagram of the VIP smat wheel circuit . Would it be possible to get copy from you or is there a site I could obtain it from. Thanks Mark
  12. I have a 2002 Monaco Windsor with a smart wheel. Definition smart wheel has buttons in steering wheel for cruise control and windshield wipers etc. Problem is they do not light up for night driving when the driving lights are turned on. I have taken them apart to see if maybe a light bulb may be burnt but have found there are no bulbs so I would say it is not a lit smart wheel. Has anybody faced the same problem and have you a solution. Can you buy the smart wheel modules with lights , can you add lights ????
  13. Stayed at Michigan Wilderness State Park in upper UP. Short distance from Mackinaw bridge. Nice but book reservation.
  14. I was always told a 50 amp power cord should be min. #6 conductor for the average length of 50 ft for power supply cords. I have seen some with # 8 conductors ?? If your adding an extension to the supply cord to extend over 50 ft. I personally would want a min. #6 conductor. Someone please correct me if this is not what it should be to be able to operate all electric appliances safely in a coach should they be all turned on. ( eg: 2 A/C units , microwave , residential fridge , cook top ,coffee pot, hot water tank ,hair dryer, curling iron etc.) Typical summer morning in some coaches especially with teens on board.
  15. I had a problem with my 7.5 Onan. It would run for a bit with no load on it then shut down. It was hard to start and if a load was applied it would run for a bit become erratic RPM wise and shut down. After trouble shooting found it was starving for fuel. Change fuel filter and it has been working great. Has your fuel filter been changed lately?
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