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  1. five

    Jack Pads

    I've got four heavy wood jack pads with about 70k on them riding in the MH....never used them.
  2. Magne Shades are top quality, I had five on my last MH...driver's window, windshield, door window, pass window and a large custom shade for two parallel side windows. They are a bit pricey but worth it. On this MH I have six of their tire covers.
  3. Mine move better at high idle...slides and jacks.
  4. Are you sure they are broken, and not just missing? We had a 2009 AC Allegiance 40X that was delivered new to us with no welds holding the frame and the chassis together over the right passenger's seat.
  5. Even though "I'm bothered with all the hi prices''....I'm going any way. At this point in my life, a bit more for fuel will not keep me from going.
  6. MCD shades might be different, but my coach has powered blinds and powered shades on virtually all windows. The first thing to try when one doesn't work is to unplug and replug the telephone type connector. So far that has fixed my powered window covers when they do not work when tried.
  7. five

    FMCA Plate

    Mine is on the upper half of the rear ladder on the back of the coach.
  8. Go to any forum and search for Michelins....they seem to be fine for cars and pick ups, but there are a great many RVers who changed them early due to cracking side walls. Mine cracked at five and a half years and 34k. Plenty of tread left and yes, they were covered in the CGs and in a barn when not travelling. Replaced them with Continentals on the front and Toyos on the back.
  9. No jest....I was thinking Class A diesels....since that used to be the main coach in FMCA. Forest River is not in the top five....Tiffin, Newmar, REV (Fleetwood), Thor and Jayco (Entegra).
  10. The Army is also looking for a replacement for the M240.... https://taskandpurpose.com/news/army-m240-machine-gun-replacement/
  11. Glad you got a great deal....keep and eye on those Michelins.
  12. Get two new 12v...as noted, the bad one will drag the good one down.
  13. Those of you that are members of SMART....have you checked out the June issue of the FMCA Magazine? On page 78 there is an article entitled, "SMART FMCA Chapter Wins First Place In Chapter Fair." There is a picture with two men standing in front of a table, with a row of American Flags displayed around the top of the table. All the flags are mounted backwards, with the stars in the wrong corner. I sent an email to FMCA yesterday, but haven't gotten a reply yet. Here's the last sentence of my email: "Surely somebody in SMART or FMCA knows the correct way to hang our flag. After 24 years on active duty, I'm embarrassed for everybody involved with this article."
  14. It would be lots easier to help if you added your coach, it's year, make, model, equipment, toad, etc, to your signature. Telling us it's a "Fleetwood" is not much help!😆
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