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  1. Dee, I have heard that producing 650HP develops a lot of heat and loves fuel and # 6 piston goes bad. Why do you want that big of engine? l
  2. As cheap as the air filter is compared to rebuilding your engine, change it along with your oil, oil filter and fuel filter, at manufactures requirements or once a year. Larry Nelson
  3. If you are referring to a Jake or exhaust brake, I leave mine on all of the time, except in rolling country with the cruise control on. Driving in Californa 55 MPH speed limit it is on all of the time $400.00 plus ticket for 62.
  4. Does anybody know the price of Diesel fuel in Mexico. We are taking a Fantasy Tour in January. I was wondering wear I should fill up, north or south of the border, considering price. Any other recommendation you mite have for this trip. Larry Nelson Hurricane, Utah 03 Country Coach 06 Jeep Liberty
  5. i have an 03 Country Coach with a lot of white streaks down the side. I was cleaning and waxing the roof, as the factory product at least twice a year. I am getting too old for this so talking to a friend in Florida, who has a boat, and he was using PoliGlow (http://poliglowproducrts.com). I cleaned and applied and it has been 18 months and no white stricks, the rig is outside 356. I used a sponge mop for the cleaner and Poliglow supplies the adaptor for wax (not a wax) .. when done, be careful, it is really slippery when wet. Larry A. Nelson
  6. You are a little ahead of the industry. Cummins and Westport are in the process of building LNG engines. Cummins has started traning there service personal on the East Coast as I have been told, Go to Cummins, Paccar Web sites for more info. Larry A. Nelson
  7. I have a 400ISL in a 38' 2003 country couch with 2 slides and a tag axle, I had the computer set up for better fuel consumption. I have gained 5 to 7 ten of a MPG over the last 30K miles, This includes the Colorado mountains, Alaska, Boston/Washington DC, Texas. After this was completed they tested on the Dyno with 395 HP to the ground. The cost was 1K. I am well pleased with the tune, I can run with 500 HP Cummins and 625 Cat's all pulling a vehicles 4 wheel down. Just for your information I did not really realize the extra fuel consumption and power until I turned over 42,000 miles.
  8. In our travel group, some of the members have purchased and installed macerators that are operated by water pressure. They connect another hose to the water hydrant with a Wye connection at the park and/or have the mecerator mounted so they can just open or close ball valves to operate. I have reviewed the installation instructions and it states that an approved backflow assembly is required to be installed on the water source to the mecerator, An approved backflow assembly is either a Reduced Pressure Principle Assembly or an approved Air-Gap. This installations have a direct connection from the potable water supply to the sewer. If the conditions are correct, there is a possibility of backsiphonage of sewerage into the portable water system of the park that you are at. Some of the diseases that could be caused by this is really bad. There is one rig in our travel group, that I know of, has a mecerator that is operated with a 12 volt motor, he is very pleases with the operation.
  9. Herman As I said in original post I have a ISL 400HP. I am getting 390 HP at the pavement. There is a loss of horse power through the Transmission and differential etc. This 390 HP was on a dynamometer. Before the tune I was getting in the low 7MPG. Just returned from Boston and Washington DC, the fuel mileage for the total 7600 miles was 8.1 MPG. I am towing a Jeep Liberty. I try to maintain between 60 to 65 MPH and the correct tire pressure on the coach and the Jeep. It cost a Grand 3 years a go, I have heard that they have had an increase.. Performance Diesel Inc St George, Utah. Larry
  10. Newbie I have a Cummins ISL and Allison 3000 trans in my Country Coach 38' with a tag axle.. I had a private shop set my up to get better mileage, which I gained 7 to 8 tenth MPG over the last 40,000 miles, and I have 395 HP to the ground . They said I would get better MPG initially and I was hoping but at $3.80 per gallon every little bit helps. There are very few grades that the trans will shift lower then 5 gear in the western part of the US Canada and Alaska, Larry
  11. Would like some recommendations on companies that would remove the carpet and install flooring other then Carpet. Prefer a company that is located in the West.
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