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  1. Computer geeks, I'm not very up-to-date on computer words so help me in plain English please!! When traveling with my laptop computer & using a campground Public (not secure) network, i would like to know what I need to do to have a Secure connection for doing Banking, Password protection, etc. etc. My current phone (flip top) contract states that I can upgrade to a newer phone. Is there a particular phone i should try to get? My current phone is thru Verizon with 400 minutes plan. We only travel a week or two at a time so whats my best & cheepest way to go? all suggestions appreciated. Thank you.
  2. I think Wolfe 10 answered your question. I just had to replace my relay 2 months ago. can you hear a "click" sound when you engage aux switch? I can on mine if it's working. These things seem to go bad from lack of use--had to replace one also when I owned a class"C". Cost around $60 installed I think.
  3. Thanks everyone for the replies. RV won't be going out till late September. Wolfe 10--- I'll give Mike Cannon a call when I leave & see what he suggests. Hope I don't need to return for repairs, unit has very limited use on it.
  4. Another vote for Camp Hatteras. However this was before last years hurricane. Also stayed years ago at KOA but it was a little pricey. Was considering coming this year but was cancelled. Give us any updated info if you go. Oops!! I didn't check date of your post----you probably been there already.
  5. I have a 35' motorhome towing a 2001 Saturn car with a Roadmaster Even Brake that I use for stopping the car that I bought new. I install unit as per owners manual & everything works correctly. but, when I'm driving along and need to brake, no braking in car occurs & motorhome sensor reads like no braking is happening. Roadmaster sent me the new sensors for both car & camper but still no braking is occurring. like I said before-- when camper and car are sitting still, all tests perform as they should but traveling on the roads--0- nothing works. Roadmaster techs have no ideas. anyone experience something like this yourselves? Oh yes, I've had to make hard braking stops but it still won't work.
  6. Check out the June issue on page 45. They also may have what you need. www.temeculavalleyrv.com phone (951)894-2347
  7. your in luck----------write to FMCA national headquarters and request a (national rv suppliers list). I got mine last year and it lists almost every part on the rv.
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