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  1. The furthest west I have driven my class A is Winnipeg. The furthest east St. Johns, Newfoundland. I would expect no problem in either country. Recently ( July ) went from Michigan to Nova Scotia and back. Drove one way in Canada, returned through the US. Canada roads were no problem. US roads a little better. The big difference is that gasoline is about US $ 1.00 per gallon cheaper in the US than it is in Canada. This was figured converting the US $ to $ 1.20 Canadian dollars.
  2. We towed a 2008 Smart Passion Cabrolet for about 10,000 miles behind a 27 foot Freedom Express Class C. We towed four down, with Evenbrake supplemental braking. It towed very well behind the motorhome, even in the mountains. We had no problems with the Smart and were very happy with it. There were a few tall topes ( think giant speed bumps ) in Baja Mexico where the Smart's low ground clearance caused me to worry, but we got over them easily.
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