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  1. Love the age rules, 10, 15, or what ever. I sold my last RV, and the buyer called to ask me what she should do. The place she wanted to go, said her's was too old. I looked at their website. There featured were some very nice RV's, and also a Katrina 3 window FEMA trailer the no strips model. I suggested she send them a couple of photos, that I forwarded to her, and see what would be said. Turned out ok for her. But you have to wonder about a park with FEMA trailers without holding tanks, and are sold for $2,995 along the roads of the southern states.
  2. After 5 years without, we caught the newest 2100XC on sale. It's installed, and has already done 3 loads. So far, very nice not to be gathering a huge bag of wash to take out to do. We have figured we need to change our sorting. Jeans are a load, bed items are a load, and towels a third load. After doing a mixed load of different weight fabrics together, we are switching to like kind weight of things. Cotton fishing shirts need ironing, but they always have, when done out. Jeans we just smooth flat and hang. Towels, just set the longer dry time, and they were dry and hot. We are amazed by the quiet operation, and keep wanting to open the closet door to see if it is still running. So far we are happy. We might miss meeting people while doing wash now, but can spend more time out and about.
  3. First use this Blue Ox website and down load their page on how to figure the weight that you are adding to the coach, the rear axle and more. If you are within the safe working loads then figure out what might work. Lifts are nice, to flat load the bike, ramp loading is for smaller bikes, or bigger people than myself. http://www.blueox.com/Uploads/Docs/carriercalculation.pdf I have a Blue Ox Sport Lift for sale, that mounts on 3 2" recievers and lowers to the ground for safe loading, will lift 1000#, and flat tow 5000#. I enjoyed having a toad and the bike, but have sold the last bike and changed coaches. The lift goes next. Ad is on Craigslist Dallas at this link: http://dallas.craigslist.org/mdf/rvs/4554431189.html Photos are found here: http://sailwing.smugmug.com/Coach/lift/31767267_CjCkJ2#!i=2754980251&k=rz8HWCT
  4. Guess I sort of read, "Any combination of vehicles with a gross combination weight" as something like your 30,000# RV, seems to set the class of license requirement. Maybe all RV's simply fall into the "private passenger" class. When I was first looking at what I needed to do, I found a list that showed state by state regs. Lots of different answers, and many states, such as TX do plainly list having both a non CDL, and CDL regs., by weight of what is driven and towed.
  5. Rjroxie, You say you are driving a Class A or B weighted coach, depending on what you might be towing. Looks like your state has the non commercial license and also the CDL license. The items in red just show you don't need a commercial license to drive your coach, just the correct Class A or B. The CDL licenses are more expensive to get and keep, and don't allow you to get a ticket dismissed in the event of an accident or rules violation. Many older and now retired CDL license holders drop their rating to non CDLs to still be legal to drive the weighted coaches, or trucks with 5th wheels. The questions to ask. Are you a Commercial operator, or just driving for fun? Then ask, how much does your vehicle weight? A look at what you posted, shows that the weight of what you are driving says you need more than a car Class D license. What you are towing, either less or more than the 10,000 pounds would determine Class A, or Class B. A pickup towing a 5th wheel requires the non CDL Class A if the 5th wheel is over 10,000 pounds. Here in TX driving a motorhome for fun is a non Commercial activity, unless it is for work. For example employees of RV sales lots need a CDL license to drive a coach that I as an owner would not need. I have taken the small amount of time and effort to get both a motorcycle license to ride, and a non CDL Class B to drive our over 26,001 pound coach. With those upgrades I would be legally licensed in the event of an accident, or a traffic stop. You should maybe check further about the requirements as written, and consider the risks of driving with only a Class C or D license.
  6. We too use an exterior sun shade. But here in Texas we needed more help. New in the market is Winco windshield legal tint. The showroom demo with the heat lamp convienced me to do the front sloped windshields. We are thrilled after our first drive west in the late afternoon. Blocks 99.9 of the UV, and depending on your choice more than half the IR which is the heat. The tint is not noticable till you look at the area around the inspection and registration stickers. There and only there can you see the slight difference in color looking out. From the outside, looking in, much more noticable. We tinted the driver and passenger single pane old style with darker and then limo tint on the rest of the coach windows. We are glad to have the new look and the heat rejection. There are some tints that can be installed on dual pane windows, be sure to use the correct for those windows.
  7. If it is a bad D2 governor, know they are common and cheap, like $25. It is designed to unload at a certain pressure and allow the compressor to start again under lighter load. Easy to remove and replace when I did it, last month.
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