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  1. I use Coach NetI I will only sign up with COACH NET Good Sam left me 40' coach + toad on I 10 bridge shoulder for 8 hours, then towed coach to Louisiana Casino. Next day called Good Sam again this was begining of tour of Lafayette and Baton Rouge on back of proper sized tow truck after several fuel filter changes Wife & I went to Motel for showers & sleeping while coach was at Independent shop they identified cause of breakdown could not do Repair but knew how to bypass problem solenoid so I could take rig to Red Bay where diesel shop completed repair. The other road service membership cost less but not worth the inconvenience.
  2. I would suspect that the tow bar needs to be rebuilt, likely the the bars are not locking in the extended position. 1MHO
  3. My recent experience with Coachnet implies some changes have been made in their selection of roadside service personnel. Has Coachnet contracted out to Goodsam or Roadside America? The one looked at the my Coach & immediately proceeded to say they are all different. Then had trouble finding the AIRBAGS. They proceeded to disconnect the leveling valve in rear of coach, when the problem was FRONT PS airbag would't air up. He left to get some fittings, next morning I called him & cancelled his service. Next service came out looked around underneath then for some unknown reason front aired up, all along he is trying to broker a $1200. tow job. I chose to drive it to Gaffney FL Oasis. It is working now. Good Sam no better from experience.
  4. Please send link to your website and product. johnmalin@technologist.com
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