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  1. Interesting thread, how it's lasted this long and the vast thoughts and input. We've been members since 2007 and never attended a rally. I've been part of other rally groups that were more family oriented and still camp with one of them. The biggest difference is that the group was mostly all families and under retirement age. When I looked at FMCA and Good Sam clubs it was just the opposite and when I looked at the various National Rallies the musical "entertainment" wasn't even something I would consider going to let alone paying for. The kids activities were cute, but not something that my kids would get into. I maintain my membership for a few reasons, I do believe in the value that FMCA represents to my future lifestyle, the discounts (though not as helpful) and the magazine. I will say that our family, with kids now 13 and 16 having owned our Motor home for 5 years now is very typical for families in my neighborhood. I know of 5 families with kids and a Class A and 3 others with Class C. Of them I am the only one that is an FMCA member. Of those 5 Class owners 4 of us have bunk bed models. The reality is that layout is still fairly new by comparison. But there are families that want a motorhome and obviously the manufacturers have wised up. Along with chapter representation it may be worth FMCA to also look at creating generational representation. I can not see any of those families attending a National Rally, but obviously FMCA did not attract them to get or keep them as members either. So something is missing the mark. I am also in Rotary and they have woken up to the aging (greying) of the organization and created a New Generations to focus on the next generation of Rotary. Tom, my last bit is to say that don't give up on FMCA but if you want to gather with other families open your reach and look beyond just motorhomes too. We started off as members of a Coleman Pop Up group that had been around for some 30 years, then moved on to two other groups. Both were RV based but the key was we didn't care what you owned as long as you enjoyed camping. Good luck.
  2. As a parent of a 16 year old I'd say no way in the world would I let him drive our RV at highway speeds. He's a great kid, responsible and learning to be a good driver, but I wouldn't risk my life or those around me at his age. A couple years of driving under his belt and when he's 18 I'd consider it, but not now.
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