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    Class A Front Windshield Trim Repair/Replacement

    JC, Perry would have been the place, since several glass dealers were there. RV Glass Solutions is who I call for windshield work. Herman
  2. hermanmullins

    Leaking hydraulic fluid from slide-out system

    RVI quoted me a minimum of 16 hour @ $140.00 per hour plus parts to repair a leaking hose. I went to HWH and they did the repair for $281.00 complete. I would be suspect at any shop that took 6 weeks to complete minor repairs and then found something else to repair. Herman
  3. hermanmullins

    Road information please

    Traveled that road for close to 40 years. Can be dicey if weather is bad but as Brett said, in goo weather it is a good road and great scenery. If I were going to take 380 to get to Cleburne I would take 380 to Jacksboro, then 281 South to I-20, then skirt around Ft. Worth on 20 to I-35 W then 35 south to Hwy 67 and West on 67 to Cleburne . I will some time tell folks the 380 runs from San Antonia to Greenville Texas, You can see them thinking and tell you it can't happen and then with a smile I will add San Antonia, New Mexico. Herman
  4. hermanmullins

    Verizon FMCA Unlimited plan

    Patty, I to have AT&T and the Verizon MiFi. and I have used both in different locations. They are two separate item and you do not have to have a Verizon Phone service to have the MiFi. Also, Welcome to the Forum. Let us know what type of RV you have and where you live. Who knows we may be neighbor. Herman
  5. hermanmullins

    Need satelite TV advice

    Welcome to the Forum. Did you just purchase your unit? I would first check with King to see if your unit will pickup any or all of the three providers, Dish, Direct, and Bell (not sure if that the correct name}. Do You have a satellite provider at home? If so that is the one I would go with. Again Welcome, Herman
  6. Made a mistake and the old Topic got deleted. Sorry. So lets start a new one. Herman
  7. hermanmullins

    Keyles entry touchpad

    Steve if you will send me a PM when I get out of my meeting I will send you the instructions for my Monaco. It may help you set your own code. Herman
  8. hermanmullins

    Towing and braking system recommendations

    Check with Blue Ox or Roadmaster and see which has the best tow bar and base plates for your Lincoln, then look to M&G Engineering in Athens ,Texas. 903-675-2812 and ask Monty for your Lincoln's brake unit. In you live in the area they can install it there or tell you where they have an installer close to you. Herman
  9. hermanmullins

    How do I Purchase Fuel without Dollar Limits

    Down here in the Texas, Oklahoma area we have stations called "QT" (Quick Trip). They have a card called "Pump Start",which you swipe the card, fill up then go in and pay. Some stations will open the pump if you or the DW goes in and ask to fill up then pay. If you have or use one card for fuel only you might contact the CC company to see if they can set it up to go more than $100.00 at a time. Herman
  10. hermanmullins

    Coach Step on Monaco Not Working Properly

    I stand corrected, I didn't know the two were now one. Herman
  11. hermanmullins

    Coach Step on Monaco Not Working Properly

    Rwitt, Are you sure your steps Coachnet? I have a Monaco and my steps are Kwikee. However your step may be Lippert which has a Control Module 301702. I would contact Lippert tech department. I believe you have a wire crossed or miss placed. 229-423-7884. Herman
  12. hermanmullins

    Cummins 340hp 6.7 ISB oil dipstick

    As said doing it at the time of an oil change is best. However it would also be good to check with your engine manufacture to be sure how many quarts your engine. Be sure and give them your engine serial number and they will know exactly how many quarts your engine holds. Herman
  13. hermanmullins

    Will Dish Wally work with older KVH?

    John, Jim is correct, call KVH. However if you are going to Perry there will be several vendors that can answer your question. Herman
  14. hermanmullins

    Opinions Please -- 2016 Newmar Ventana LE 4037

    IMHO, yours won't go down must in 3 to 4 years. I myself would wait until just before retiring and then think of trading. Then if you want to finance the coach you would have a income that would help with the rate. Newmar has in the past produced a fine quality coach. I am not sure about now. I have a friend that has a 2016 King Aire that has been in National Indoor RVs shop about 30% of the time and is there right now for warranty work (hae has an extended warranty and is glad he got). But it is a beautiful coach. Herman
  15. hermanmullins

    Cabin Fever "2019"

    DBenoit, Right off the hoof is not where the best cut of meat is. Herman
  16. hermanmullins

    2006 Holiday Rambler Neptune "cage" under engine

    Good point Rich. Also to prevent any electrical issues, it is alway best to have your ground clamp as to your weld as possible. I have seen a person welding on an object beling held up with a magnet between the ground clamp and the weld and demagnetize the magnet. Welding current does some strange things. Also I would consult the chassis mfg. to see if the chassi should be welded on. Most large trucks have stickers all over the chassis saying "Do Not Weld on Chassis". Herman
  17. hermanmullins

    Texas winter weather

    Lone Star Rallies coming up and all are welcomed. Contact either myself or Carl with a PM in you are interested. April 4th - 6th, 2019 Whistle Stop RV Park...........Abilene, TX May 16th - 18the, 2019 Lagoons RV Resort.......Rockport, Texas Herman
  18. hermanmullins

    2006 Holiday Rambler Neptune "cage" under engine

    Down here in the South it's called Southern Engineering. Leaving it off would not hurt anything. Herman
  19. hermanmullins

    2006 Holiday Rambler Neptune "cage" under engine

    Bob, what is the purpose of the cage? I have never seen one on a coach. Is it org. equipment or aftermarket? Herman
  20. hermanmullins

    Extended stay Propane Adapter

    Robert, Welcome to the Forum. Bill, three good and informative videos. Herman
  21. hermanmullins

    Ditched my Towing and Roadside Assistance

    HealthyGranddad, As Carl said, Welcome to the Forum. If you see a SAFETY OFFICER golf cart in Perry, flag me down. I would be glad to meet you. Herman
  22. hermanmullins

    Trip Planning

    I don't ask a person that lives in a particular area if they know of a good park in their area, They may know if there are parks in their area but they haven't stayed at them. Well some people may take a trip to the local RV Park and stay there when they are 2 miles from home, but.... Now someone that has traveled through the town where you would like to stay is the one to ask, like Bill. I think he has stayed in at least 80% of the RV Parks in the usa. Herman
  23. hermanmullins

    Trip Planning

    I never use a trip planner, I know where we are going. Perry, Chandler, Perry, Indianapolis, Perry, Gillette, Perry and the beat goes on............................ Herman
  24. hermanmullins


    Bruce, How may times do you have to take this test? You've passed it numerous times. Trying for a higher score? Herman
  25. hermanmullins

    Motor Homes of Texas.

    I'm 6' 2" and feel the same way at times. Herman