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  1. Chevrolet calls theirs 4500 HD, 5500 HD and 6500 HD. most all with the Duramax while Ford runs the Power-Stroke, both very good engines. Herman
  2. Welcome to the Forum. First where are you starting from, Huntsville, AL? You have a pretty hefty schedule. Travel one day to a place that you would like to visit. Take a day ot 2 to see the area. Then travel a day to another spot and again stay a day or two. Keep you mileage to no more than 250 miles a day. You seem to have the time to smell a lot of roses so do it. Good luck safe travels and again welcome. Herman
  3. Prices are fair down here. Going to Gillette we have reservations at three parks 1 @ $51, 1 @ $45 and one @ $50. That is pretty normal for our area. Herman
  4. I think Chevrolet calls them 450, 550 and 650s. Must be for the guy that wants to dive a big rig but doesn't like heights. 😃 Herman
  5. I can remember not too long ago when you could buy 3/4" CD 4'x8' plywood for $15.00. At the price you showed I can't even guess what a sheet of Marine plywood would be. 🤔 Herman
  6. Set down, take a slow deep breath and tell Linda to not make them so strong.😁 Herman
  7. Make a copy of your card. Laminate it to carry it with you. Put the original in a safe spot for future need. You might write on the back of the copy where you put the original before you laminate it.🤔 Herman
  8. Norm, is your inverter turned on, if so whether you are on shore power or not you will have 110 volts to you outlets. That is as long as your batteries hold up. If not on shore power and the inverter is turned off your outlets should be off. Herman
  9. BluKat, We all understand what you would like but I'm not sure anyone would keep spare hydraulic hoses just in case they might need one in the future. Fuel filters and fan belts yes but hydraulic hoses, no. Sorry but you just may have to take the hose off and have one made. You could have two made and then you have have a spare.() Herman
  10. Ronderer, Welcome to the Forum. I sent you an PM (Personal Message) with the information you requested. Herman
  11. Attention to all FMCA Forum Members going to Gillette. There will be a social hour for all Forum Members, spouses and guest in Gillette. When------Tuesday July the 6th. Time------ 5:00 pm Where-----Seminar 4 in the Energy Building Bring your own Beverages. Hope to see you there!! (Please no Adult Beverages) Herman Mullins FMCA Forum Monitor
  12. Please don't forget, if you are blocking up the rear you need pads under both of your rear wheels not just one on each side. Herman
  13. I was assured by the IT Department that all members of the Forum that were not FMCA Members (no F number) were blocked from participating on the Forum. They can look and read but can not participate. Now the really good thing is, those that want to participate my join FMCA (our gain) and the Spammer wont spend the money (also our gain). Herman
  14. Thanks for the replies.👍 Sun, that is one that I would definitely take pictures of if I had to replace any one of the four belt. Herman
  15. The problem is that the fan that is breaking is being replaced with the same part that failed in the first place. If it was defective in the beginning, replacing it with the same defective part won't improve anything but your ability and speed of replacing the fan. IMHO 👎 Herman
  16. Paul, Welcome to the Forum. Ken is correct about park being full. My suggestion is to first map out your route, how you would like to go. Then map out 200 to 250 miles per day. Then check out what there is to see and visit along the way. I used to go full out everyday to get to the destination. We missed a lot along the way. Now when on a leisure trip we will stay two nights in a location. Spend the night, see the sights and spend the night, then move on to the next stop. Many times it may take two or three day to see every thing. Don't be in a rush, stop and smell the roses. campgroundreviews.com is a good source of campground information. Now go enjoy your Entegra and again Welcome. Herman
  17. Does anyone have information on 2005, 515 HP 60 Series Detroit Diesel? How do they compare to a 500 HP Cummins? More or less Maintenance? I know there differences with power to weight ratio but generally how is the economy (mpg)? Looking at a 2005 Monaco Signature with a 515 60 Series Detroit Diesel. (113,000 miles approx.) Herman
  18. Scott, We have a 2002 Monaco Dynasty. If you will notice many of the members of the Forum have their coach information under their signature. My is there also. Herman
  19. Yes, but it took a lot of measuring. I took everything off of the Samsung, doors, drawers and hinges. Then I made a very light weight wooden frame the exact size as the stripped down refrigerator. then I tried it through the door. I had to remove the passengers chair and the TV (it protruded about an inch and a half too much) and took the top strap of the door loose so it would fold all the way open. After I found that it would fit my three sons and myself put it through the door. Let me say that we have an Aqua Hot system and there wasn't a propane furnace below my unit and I was able to put the Samsung down at floor level. Hope this helps, Herman
  20. Scott, Welcome to the Forum. I replaced our Nevercool 1200 with a Samsung RF19. It fit fine in the hole but extends out about 3". Not a big issue. It is plugged into a 110 volt plug from the inverter so it is powered all the time. Also the Samsung works well on either Modified or Pure Sine Wave Inverters. Again welcome, Herman
  21. Does your Coach have Docking Lights? If so there is another place to tap into. Most coaches with Docking Light have a switch on the dash. Herman
  22. Tap into the Running lights on the lower front of the coach. Then put a switch somewhere on or around the dash that has easy access to reach. Herman
  23. Blukat, welcome to the Forum. They are a bit expensive but Motorhomes of Texas can repair and/or replace hydraulic hoses. However if you can remove them any hydraulic shop can make new ones. HERMAN
  24. Oh!, were we supposed to move the pole before they poured the new street. It wasn't on the schedule till the first of next month. Opps! wrong month, it was supposed to have been the first of last month. (who can I blame for this?) Herman
  25. Darryl, Welcome to the Forum. There are a lot of things that go through you turn signal unit in your steering wheel. You may have a stuck contact. Try moving the lever up and down several times. That may unstick the contact. It will be like giving "Chicken soup to a dead man, it may not work but it can't hurt." If you haven't heard the story, here it is. Two Ladies in New York were talking and one said, "Did you hear that Saul died?" and the other one said, "did they give him Chicken Soup?" The first lady said, "He's dead it can't help!" and the second lady said, "It can't Hurt." Herman
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