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  1. Engine Control Module , right? Herman
  2. Tri-Mark door locks are notorious (at least in my case) for sticking. I have found that if I push the door with one hand while pulling on the handle it will release. From what Neil said, we don't know what he has tried. Is it that the door will not unlock? Is it the dead bolt? Will the door unlock but not open? Neil my friend can you give us a bit more info.? You posted 7 hours ago, have you gotten in yet? Herman
  3. Wayne, I use the lime green ones. When we are just about ready to pull out I have to stop and remove my balls. I mean the tennis balls.☺ Herman
  4. Check the Inverter to see if it is off or needs to be reset. The breaker my have popped. Herman
  5. Well said. I will close this Topic. Herman
  6. If it is out of warranty I would pull the steering wheel off and remove the locking pin.(oh and replace the steering wheel)😅 Herman
  7. I have begun placing tennis balls under the wiper arms. It takes the pressure off the blades and they stay flexible. The blade isn't sitting with the pressure on the causing them to set up with a bend in them. Works for me. Herman
  8. John, I made my first response from my phone. Welcome to the Forum. Herman
  9. Harry, It would be a great deal of help if we know the make and model of your coach. Pictures would also be good. Herman
  10. John, what make of generator do you have? If Onan, I would suggest the local Cummins Service Center in Vegas for help. Herman
  11. How about a double reciever and use one for a mount to hold the motor. Herman
  12. Another thought, how about a small folding table? 🤔 TV is normally inside and the table could have many uses including holding the TV when needed and no drilling. KISS. HERMAN
  13. Doug, I agree with Joe, Having a mount mounted to the outside of the vehicle would not look to good. I can see a bracket mounted to a full extension drawer slide secured to the side wall of one of your bays. The bracket could be mounted to a hinge that could fold up and be out of the way when not used. Herman
  14. jimbo, Welcome to the Forum. Give Monty at M&G Engineering in Athens Texas a call. They make a unit to fit your MKZ. In my opinion they make the best RV tow vehicle braking system on the market. 800-817-7698 Herman
  15. Has anyone ever heard that CC is equipped with Koni shocks. That Koni is the only company that makes a shock that will fit? Herman
  16. I have Stemco Oil Bath hubs on the tag axles on our Dynasty. I just checked them and saw that there are marks (rings) with one indicating LOW oil and one FULL. I saw that the FULL mark was approx. half way between the bottom of the hub and center hole. I have filled them up to the bottom of the hole and cleaned everything. I want to see if I get some slinging of excess oil when over filled according to the marks on the hub face plate. Will relate the results after our trip to Minot. Herman
  17. Cyrus, Welcome to FMCA and to the Forum. Send an email to lcross@fmca.com. Lon is the National Area Vice President for the Western Area. He will be able to help you find a chapter that has families with children. At at our summer conventions we have activities for and young kids. I don't know what David and Loretta have scheduled for Minot. If you could make it out to Minot for the Convention there is so much to see on the way and back. Mount Rushmore, The Dakota Bad Lands, Yellow stone, Grand Canyon and so much more. The dates for the convention are August 14-17th. If you are able to make it look me up I would love to meet and visit with you. I am one of three Safety Officers. Again welcome. Herman
  18. Keith, Sorry that you haven't gotten any response to you search. Since you mentioned the midwest you might signing up for FMCA's 100th International Convention & RV Expo (Rally) on August 14-17, 2019 in Minot, North Dakota. There you would have the chance to meet folk from all over the country with all kinds of interest and hobbies. And the bonus would be that you might get to meet some of the great folks from this group called the Forum. Also you could contact Gary Milner. Gary is the Midwest Area National Vice President and he could suggest a chapter where you. What kind of group are you looking for? There are Groups (Chapters) that meet twice a year and some that meet every month, groups that meet to play Bridge and those that meet to go rock crawling in their 4X4's. Some just meet to eat, play games and just sit around and visit. So tell us a bit more about what you are looking for and I am sure one of us or Gary will be able to direct you. Herman
  19. rcieslak67, When at the GLAMARAMA see if there are any Vendors that redo/remodel RV interiors. They may have some suggestion that may help. Herman
  20. Welcome to the Forum. On my 2002 Dynasty the reservoir and pump are under the entry top step. The step has a lid and under the lid is a tub. You need to remove the liner then then the tub. There is the the reservoir and pump. Hope this helps, Herman
  21. When I had to replace mine I found out that one of the zerk fittings was difficult to get to so it was never greased. All they had to do was turn the wheel. The original drag link only had one adjustable end. The new one had adjustable tie rod ends on both ends. And had zerk fittings that were easily accessible. Herman
  22. I just received word that do to health issues Mac has retired Mac, we all wish you the best. Herman
  23. Try contacting "Mac The Fire Guy". 612-501-4600. Mac (the Fire Guy) McCoy should be able to help. Herman
  24. Eric, Hasn't your friend posted this topic before? Herman
  25. Craig, Might I suggest that after you get your leak stopped with the product that Carl suggested, that you consider changing a sensor that mounts on the outside of your tanks. the sensor that are mounted on the inside of tanks are notorious to malfunctioning. Sea Level is the unit I installed and they work very well. and all are mounted on the outside of the tank. There is another product I am getting ready to use called Flex Shot. It is by the company Flex Shield. I will give it a try and post the results here. Herman
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