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    NO Spare Tire In Smaller Class Cs These Days?

    Now just think about this. You are in the middle of nowhere and you have a flat. What good would it do to have a spare tire without a rim? Would you have the tools to dismount the old tire, mount the spare tire and air it up? Wouldn't it better if you are carrying the spare tire on the rack to carry a complete tire mounted on a rim? Then in the middle of nowhere you could at least change the tire and get back to the middle of somewhere? If you are that far out it would be hard to get Roadside Assistance to find you. Just something to think about. Herman
  2. Made a mistake and the old Topic got deleted. Sorry. So lets start a new one. Herman
  3. hermanmullins

    Who, What, When, Where or Just Lets Talk

    Did you ever learn what the bull was doing to the cow? Herman
  4. hermanmullins

    2006 Hummer H3 Towable?

    Please note that this is a 4 year old post. Herman
  5. hermanmullins

    Firestone FS561

    I have a dash mounted GPS. I set my speed by that because when doing 70 by my GPS my speedometer shows 65 mph. Just as yours does. On the highway I normally set my cruise at 63 mph which is right at 1750 rpm. Seems the best for economy. Herman
  6. hermanmullins

    Toyo tire who's riding on them.

    Replaced my two front 295/80R22.5 last year and plan on replacing my rear 6 later this year. Two Toyo's for the price of one Michelin's and they ride and steer very well. Herman
  7. hermanmullins

    Firestone FS561

    Richard, I know you have questions of 12R22.5 or 315/80R225. Just my thinking but you said it came 12R22.5s. Wouldn't they be ok since the manufacturer thought so? Herman
  8. hermanmullins

    Power gear leveler system

    Donald, how is the fluid level? Herman
  9. hermanmullins


    Eric, This may sound strange but if you can take the cover off you will find three solenoids. With the unit on and all three zone on feel the lines on each solenoid. They should all be hot. The one that is not hot is the one that is stuck. With a hammer bang on the cold valve. Then check to see if it gets hot. Lack of use will sometimes cause them to get stuck. You need to exercise the Aqua Hot at least every 30 to 45 days. Let me know if this helps. I told it sounds strange but it works. Herman
  10. hermanmullins

    Cabin Fever "2019"

    Those were some hard lyrics to come up with. I bet the writer stayed up for several days and nights to get them right. Herman
  11. hermanmullins

    Rockport/Corpus Christi

    Glad to know they are open. We will be in Rockport on May 16th - 18th for a rally. Bobbie and I are Assistant Wagon Masters. Drop me a line if anyone would like to join us. Herman
  12. hermanmullins

    How to Find Someone to Update RV

    I found the company I mentioned before. Classic Coach Works 4 Sunshine Blvd Ormond Beach, FL 32174 800-871-0017 386-944-9716 classiccoachwork.com Hope this helps. Herman
  13. In response to the original Topic Posting. I am sorry the OP has had a problem with her Verizon Jetpack. (Quote from the OP. So, a few months ago, I told my tale of problems getting signed up with the new Verizon/FMCA $49/mo plan with free Jetpack (I had earlier gotten a small tablet as a hotspot, which I was promised could be swapped for the FMCA deal when it finally got put together, and it turned into a nightmare to switch). Having reliable and unlimited internet is very important to me because I am still working part time as an attorney, and I have to work while we're on the road.) I am confused. Did she have a Verizon plan and changed to the FMCA plan or was it a completely new account since she never had Verizon before? I have used my Verizon Jetpack all over the country for several year and never once had an issue with reception. I also have many friends with the same unit and none of them have had any issues with connecting. (I must clarify I have not been to California) Did the OP go to a Verizon store and have her unit checked out to see if it could have been a defective unit. With electronics there can be a problem with one out of a thousand and most companies are glad to help any customer to resolve a problem, but it's hard to diagnose an electronic issue over the phone. It is best to go to the store and talk with a human face to face. That always get better result than a phone call and most likely take a lot less time. I myself like my Jetpack. Please let us know if your issues were resolved. Herman
  14. hermanmullins

    Staples vs Office Depot

    You can get your own Office Depot card off FMCA website under Benefits. It may be in the magazine. Just print or clip it and present is when checking out. Herman
  15. hermanmullins

    How to Find Someone to Update RV

    I know you do not do carpet but maybe you could talk him into hard wood or tile. Are you saying that you have openings this summer and you like working in a coach in the summer? Ernie you are still one of the best RV floor guy around. Herman
  16. Joe, Welcome to the Forum. Like all discounts you have to ask if they have one. Lots of places have them but just don't advertise them. I had AT&T for better than 25 years and just a couple of years ago I found out they give a 15% discount off to Veterans on their Basic Charge. Thank you for your service. Herman
  17. hermanmullins

    Do Not Buy A Winnebago 5th Wheel!

    Do you own a 5th Wheel or a Class C? You have made a comment about Winnebago 5th Wheel and post about how good of mileage you get in your Class C. You have us confused, can you clarify this for us. Thanks, Herman
  18. hermanmullins

    How to Find Someone to Update RV

    All of the places I know of are all in the Texas area, however there has been some posts about some place in Florida. Maybe someone from the Southeast can remember who that might be. Good Luck and let us know who you find. Herman
  19. Tom, if you have electronic steering you may need to pull a fuse. I am not sure which one. Herman
  20. hermanmullins

    Rockport/Corpus Christi

    If I am not mistaken the Texas Aquarium is in Corpus Christi. The USS Midway is there also. Herman
  21. hermanmullins

    Rockport/Corpus Christi

    It may be hard to say since the hurricane but Charlotte Plummers out on I believe it is Ses Side. There is also Shimmeys on Hwy 35 towards Aransas Pass. There are others but these were our favorites. Herman
  22. hermanmullins

    Texas Drivers License

    Bruce, when I took my test there was a question "What color of tow strap is required to tow another vehicle ". It showed a truck towing a car with a Yellow strap. So I answered Yellow. WRONG. The answer was, "There must be a White flag 1 foot by 1 foot attached to the tow strap ". That was no where in the book. Who thanks up these quedtions? Good luck. Herman
  23. hermanmullins

    Refrigerator cooling solution "gelled"

    Very good thought Richard. It may get crowded out on that limb because I agree with you and I"m sure a lot more do to. Do you think a 60 watt bulb could put off enough heat for that cold of temperature? Maybe if it was put on when it was above freezing it may have helped. It was suggested to cover the vents on the cover. Would the unit get enough fresh air from the roof vent to function properly? I have been in subzero weather before and the antifreeze would gel but not freeze solid and would return to complete liquid when the vehicle reached temperature. If it were me, the first chance I got I would pack it in and head as for south as I could. I would go far enough that the folks there would ask"Whats a Parka". then stop. Herman
  24. hermanmullins

    Staples vs Office Depot

    Glad you were able to use your FMCA discount. It does pay to shop . Herman
  25. hermanmullins

    Why should I stay?

    See somewhereintheusa, you have already met three and now four folks you didn't know until now. I don't know if you are working or retired but one of the best benefits FMCA has, at least to me, is FMCAisst. If you are not familiar with it please read up on it. It is worth ten times what your membership is and plus you get a great magazine and to top it all you get to participate on the Forum (which I will bet you have a lot of knowledge to share). Sorry you missed Indy. it was a great rally. If you are every in the area where we are having a Rally you can always come in on a Passport which gives you everything but the Parking or even come in on a Day Pass where you are able to visit the Vendors and see all of the show coaches. So hay stick around the "Best is Yet to Come" or something cornie like that. Herman