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  1. Ian, did the new Michelin Canadian FMC Program help in your purchase? Herman
  2. Have you tried to remove the cover plate to the valve? Most valves can be repaired from there. Herman
  3. Bruce, Welcome to the Forum. The reason you didn't get a notification is that you may have opted out of receiving any emails from FMCA. This has happened to several folks. If you will login to fmca.com and go to your Profile. There you can op back in. Hope this helps, if not please contact FMCAs IT dept. 513-474-3622 Herman
  4. You have two solenoids in outside panel in front of drivers front wheel. One is starter the other is ignition. There is also one on the starter itself. Herman
  5. According to VW the 2014 Beetle is front engine and front wheel drive since 1997 and should have no reason it can't be pulled on a dolly. What did VW say? Herman
  6. If this bickering continues I will shut this Topic down. I should have done it when the big advertisement by cwswine. I have gone back and removed the ad. Herman FMCA Forum Monitor
  7. Here is the latest report from Chris Smith on transfers from T-Mobile to AT&T. From: Chris Smith Mon, Jun 20 at 4:01 PM 1952 Filled out form 1735 Migrated 132 New Joins 89% retention rate. Another reminder email will go out tomorrow letting users know that T-Mobile/Sprint will be shut off 6/30/22. That should give us a boost in numbers. Chris Smith Chief Executive Officer, www.fmca.com 513-388-5217
  8. You may have bent you shaft. You can try and release some of the pressure by cracking the fitting at the top of you cylinder. If you have a stuck valve it may let your cylinder retract. HOWEVER BE SURE AND PUT A JACK STAND UNDER THE FRAME BEFORE YOU CRACK THE LINE FOR SAFETY REASONS. Herman
  9. Your best answer can best be answered by the FMCA IT Department. Herman
  10. The best answer can be gotten from the FMCA IT department. Sorry Josh is on Vacation this week but ask for the Tech Connect Tech and they will direct your call to someone that can help you. Good luck and post what you find here, Thanks, Herman
  11. When you select to move to AT&T you will get a call from Alex. She will ask if you want it to a P.O.Box or fiscal address. P.O.Box can take 2 to 3 weeks. Fiscal address just a couple of days. Which was selected? Herman
  12. Please be patient, they have over 7,000 to contact. Herman
  13. orion7144, I completed the online form last Wednesday got a call on Thursday to verify my address and got it today by FED EX. Herman
  14. Air Capital RV Park in Wichita, just off I-35 at exit 42. Nice park all concrete. Herman
  15. Leave Clines Corner as early as you can. I know you will me going into the sun but it will be a lot cooler then later in the day. When we travel in hot weather we always put up a curtain behind the pilot and co-pilot's seats. It helps keep the cooler (dash air) from trying to cool the entire coach. About 30 minutes before we are planning on stopping for the night we crank up the generator and turn on the A/C units. Then you wont have to wait for cool air when you arrive at your destination. Herman
  16. Faiello, If you don't get any messages from FMCA go to FMCA.COM and check your profile. You may have opted out of any communication from FMCA. You can call the IT Department and they can guide you to opt back in. Then you will get information from FMCA. Hope this helps. Herman
  17. If you have T-Mobile through FMCA you will be moved to AT&T if you desire. See the email blast that wen out the first of the week. Dear FMCA Tech Connect+ Member, Change is a constant in life, and in technology, and for the second time since the Tech Connect+ benefit was created in 2017, we must make major changes to the plan. T-Mobile, the current provider for the optional mobile internet plan that is included in the Tech Connect+ benefit, has chosen not to move forward with FMCA in a way that would keep the benefit in its current form. So, FMCA leaders had to seek an alternative mobile internet provider that would give FMCA members the same quality of service without a big cost increase. Because of this, AT&T has been chosen as the new provider for the optional mobile internet plan that is part of FMCA’s Tech Connect+ benefit. This new plan will take effect on June 7, 2022, and you will need to decide if you want to transition to AT&T or to cancel your subscription to the Tech Connect+ benefit. The good news is that besides the need for a new AT&T mobile hotspot, not much has changed. You will still have unlimited mobile internet, with great coverage comparable to what you currently have through the benefit. AT&T does reserve the right to network manage at any time after 75GB of usage within a month. Network management was part of the plan with T-Mobile as well, but at 50GB. Network management from AT&T means that you will still have internet access, but you will experience reduced speeds if you have used 75GB of data already in the month and are in a congested area. Congested areas are those where a large amount of users are connected to the same cellular provider tower at the same time. To keep up with the load, the tower starts to manage the connections and requests for usage. In this case, those who have used 75GB of data will have a lower priority on the tower than someone who has not. When not connected to a congested tower, you should not experience network management. The plan is still “No Contract” and still “Bring Your Own Device,” which means members can use other devices on the AT&T plan as long as the device is unlocked and registered with the AT&T network through FMCA. One major difference with AT&T versus the current carrier is that you can have more than one hotspot on this plan, whereas up until now you have been limited to a single hotspot. Because of the need to change carriers, the monthly rate for this plan will move from $49.99 to $59.99. This is the first price increase since the inception of the program in 2017, and you will find that for an unlimited internet plan, this is still a good deal. To migrate your Tech Connect+ subscription’s mobile internet plan to AT&T, or to opt-out of the Tech Connect+ benefit, follow the steps below: Log in at www.fmca.com After logging in, you will be on the member dashboard. Click the menu button at the top of the page and choose “TECH CONNECT+ DASHBOARD.” Once the page loads, you will see a tab that says “MIGRATE TO AT&T.” Click it and you will be taken to a page where you will be asked whether you want to continue with the Tech Connect+ benefit. You can choose either “Yes” or “No.” If you choose “Yes,” you will be asked to agree to the price increase from $49.99 to $59.99 per month. You will be asked to provide an address that we can have your new AT&T hotspot sent to. If you choose “No,” you will not have to do anything else. Within 45 days, your Tech Connect+ account will be automatically closed down, and your T-Mobile/Sprint hotspot will be deactivated at that time. Note: If you do not fill out this form, it is the same as choosing “No,” and your account will be deactivated within 45 days. If you experience any issues logging into the FMCA website or filling out the form, please contact the Tech Connect+ team at techconnect@fmca.com; (513) 474-3622 or (800) 543-3622. Please be patient as we navigate this change. Herman
  18. Mikey , The number is on the bulb, if not take the bulb to the auto parts store and have them match it Herman
  19. My Monaco is 20 years old and I have only had one hose seep. I had the piece that was seeping replaced, in the bay, and all is fine. A 10 year old coach by any manufacturer should not have leaking hydraulic hoses. 2012 and the same model with the same issue, I would be talking to REV. Bad material? Herman
  20. Iggy we stayed two nights at Grand Ole RV Resort. Met one of the owners, Tommy. Super nice and very helpful. Breakfast was very good and quite reasonable and the nightly entertainment on the porch was good. We consider it one of our favorites. Herman
  21. You can contact Gaye Young. Gaye is the Eastern Area's National Vice President and should be able to help you. gyoung@fmca.com Herman
  22. Not too good of a week end for you. Humidity now Awning. My thought is that when you work with the awning a loose wire may have made contact again. That is where I would start. Is the fuse for you awning a fuse or resettable breaker? Just throwing out ideas. And again Good Luck, Herman
  23. I have two new Dometic A/Cs and two new thermostats, 10 button just like yours. I have had no such issues like you speak of. We have fairly high humidity but no where what your area has. My suggestion would be to call Dometic Teck Department. This may be a new one on them. Good Luck, Herman
  24. Traveler2021, Welcome to the Forum. Go to FMCA.com click on menu, when the menu comes up click on chapter search. Under chapter search type in Alabama in the State. There you should find all the chapters in Alabama. You may also go to particiavoynaavp@gmail.com. This is National VP For the Southeast Area and Pat should be able to help you. Good luck, Herman
  25. Wayne, be careful what you wish for.😧 Herman
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