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  1. I was reluctant at first but we set up ours for TSD to draft our checking account and did not set up e separate account. Works fine for us. As has been said, it is a good planning tool to be able to know where the best fuel prices are when planning a trip. Herman
  2. And some times on a good night or even a bad night you can hear the cannon being fire from there. Herman
  3. Charles, I got my last pump at WalMart on line. Shurflo 4008-101-E65 (3GPM at 55PSI) $102.54. Great pump with great pressure. I have been amazed at what you can get for an RV at WalMart. Herman
  4. Dallas RV Show at Market Hall February 24th - 27th, 2022. $15.00 per person (cash only) $10.00 Seniors (cash only) Herman
  5. Might have dirty contact on the touch pad. Call the manufacture and ask if you can spray contact cleaner in or on the pad. I would call before you spray. Herman (Could be the Gumbo you spilt on the touch pad, )
  6. Nav1, Now is the time for your spouse to start a Travel Journal. You can record all of your trips and adventures. My DW has one from the very first time we got into the coach to bring it home. After many trips it is a good reference to refer back to when you need to find that great RV Park and to bypass those bad ones. Our journal is over 200 typed pages and still growing. Have fun, enjoy and don't be a stranger. Herman
  7. Bill, sometimes the Rocky Mountain Area will set up an FMCA Booth at Quartzsite. Maybe not this year do to National being in Tucson. I am not sure. Herman
  8. Leonard, Might I suggest that you contact FMCA at ask that the Chair of the "Governmental and Legislative Affair Committee" contact you. That committee work on that area and can best answer any question you may have. Herman
  9. But it was suppose to drop it's nose slide across then pull it's self across. I think it may of had some merit but it was rushed to finish. Who would have put on slicks to traverse snow and Ice, duh. Maybe some day with all this Global Warning, we may look up and see a chunk of ice floating into Galveston Bay with it on it. Herman
  10. Nice catch Ross, I hadn't enlarged the picture, is does have a tow dolly behind the coach. Herman
  11. I may be wrong but aren't fluorescent bulbs 110 volt a/c? Herman
  12. Rick, Welcome to the Forum. My first thought would be to check with a Glass and Mirror shop. It will have to be measured, cut and tempered and they should be able to get it done for you. Herman
  13. Tow Bar, Base Plates, wiring kit for taillights and a Supplemental Brake system. Also the Jeep needs to be Four Wheel drive. Herman
  14. William, Welcome to the Forum. I just had one of mine replaced. Had the cylinder on order from HWH for over 5 months. When it finally got in and they installed it I found out out later that they got the wrong cylinder from HWH.I gave them two weeks to get a replacement in or they would install the old cylinder that I had rebuilt and they would refund my money I had paid for the new, wrong cylinder. From what I could see it isn't too hard to change. The hydraulic lines are both at the end in the Bay and is mounted at both ends. I think is comes out from the end inside of the bay. I am sorry I can't be of much more help but I had the work done at an RV Shop. Herman
  15. Don't know if it helps, but in our Monaco there is a fuse panel in a cabinet in the rear next to the closet. Strange place for one. You have already done one of the things I would have suggested, disconnect the batteries (all of them house and chassis) for several minutes then reconnect them possibly resetting the computers. Herman
  16. Why would you do it in the snow? Curious minds want to know. Herman
  17. Oh, now that he is in Florida he is rubbing it in. Herman
  18. It's 19 now but feels like 3. Bobbie ask me to get something out of the coach, I said OK I will go on Tuesday, should be 35. 50 yesterday, 19 today, true Texas weather. We have to leave Tuesday for Shreveport, glad I got the Aqua Hot fixed. Burrrrrr till then, Herman
  19. 15 States, 26+ campgrounds and more than 7,000 miles. Getting ready to start all over again. Looking forward to another great year. Safe travels to all. Herman
  20. If any member has an issue with contacting any one with FMCA please let me know. If you will send me a PM with your name, contact information and what your issue is, I will make sure the correct person contacts you. We have some of the nicest hard working people you can find in FMCA. However FMCA, like so many others, is short of staff and is trying to find folks to fill vacancies. Please be patient and contact me and I will help. Herman Mullins FMCA Monitor
  21. Aldo, Welcome to the Forum. There can two causes for th flapping. Your topper roller may need to be tighten. Also if the flapping noise is when awnings are out you can put a twist in the straps. Herman
  22. My Story, Happy and Safe New year to all! Herman
  23. Yes Paul, that would be you best option. It appear that your spring either broke or slipped in the tube. Roll it up and secure it as best as you can when you have retracted the slide and don't put the slide out till you have it repaired. Sorry about your problem but thank goodness your are not stranded. Good Luck, Herman
  24. That was what the bucket of lime and a small scoop was for. To sprinkle a bit of lime over your deposit. It help some with the odder. 😝 A bit off topic. We were at a Rally and had a really greenhorn there. He said " When showering this morning I had water standing in the shower" someone committed " You needed to dump". Where the greenhorn said "I need to do what???" Herman
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