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  1. The battery disconnect switch. Will I ever need to use it, I hope not. Yes, I know where it is and how to use it. When the day comes that I need it, it will be a sad day for this motorhomer. I don't plan on stopping long enough to need the 'Battery Disconnect Switch'. Maybe the guys in the shop may use it for some reason but, not me. When the time comes for the Good Lord to call me to rest, I will use the switch but not before. Happy travels. Cal206
  2. To spare or not to spare is the question?? Some motorhomes come with a space for a spare and some don't. My coach came with that space for a spare and it did come with the tire and wheel ready to go. I have never had to use it "BUT" it makes me feel just alittle better known that it is there. However, it does add some weight to the coach. We are full-timers so the coach is loaded to the max at all times so, the weight of that spare adds to the total weight of the coach. We travel all over the country and I have noticed that there are truck stops all over the country that will come out to you to change out your flat/blow-out in a short time. It is best to remember that for the most part the spare was never intended to be on the ground forever. It is only a spare to be used to get you to the tire store to buy a new tire and put the spare back into the spare tire compartment and save it for the next time. OH, by the way if you have a blow-out pray that it is NOT on the front axle. Front axle blow-outs are sometimers KILLERS. If you have the money to buy two new tires always put them on the front axle first. Happy travels! Cal206
  3. PSI Most coach owners don't check the "PSI" in there tires daily. In fact many owners don't do a walk around before starting their trip. New (old) Tires very good question. Cheap is cheap as cheap is cheap, you get just what you pay for. Just because the sign outside the store says "Goodyear" or "Camping World" dosen't mean your buying the best tire. All tires start to dry rot from the day they are made. For the most part Goodyear, Michelin, Firestone, Bridgestone and Toyo tires are good tires but, that is if you take care of them. Back a few years ago I was in the trucking business and I have bought hundreds of tires over those years. One of the first things we told our drivers is "Check those tires before you start your trip". It doesn't matter to much the brand name of your tire you can have a blow-out any time. However, if you check your tires every day the chances of having a blow-out or a flat tire becomes less. One should always remember that piece of 'Rubber" you are riding on is the only safety you have for a good trip or a deadly trip. If you have a 'Blow-out' on the front at 65mph you will lose control and you may kill someone and the tire dealer will not care. Have a good day. PSI Cal206 bfi172@gmail.com
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