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  1. Well....thanks for the review there. Mine shoould be in today or tomorrow. I also need an RV friendly GPS unit. There are too many considerations that a car would not have, obviously, over a motor home. I was also lucky enough to have found a 20% discount code too(VIP). Tanks for the quick review. This thing wasn't even supposed to be out till the middle of June, so we got a jump on it.
  2. I have a Cummins ISL 400 CM850 engine, 2005 model. The temperature gauge does not work on engine start-up, then, as the engine heats, it will come on, and indicator needle bounces around, periodically. Sometimes the gauge will stop working after it has been working for a while too. Is there a relay in this system I need to look at? I have just purchased this coach, and have already replace relays for the air horns and a relay for the air dump. Engine temp sensor? Wiring problem? Bad Gauge? What would you experts look at 1st? Can I use a meter on the back of the gauge to see if I am getting a feed from the sensor, or should I go ahead order a sensor? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. My air dump actually has a toggle switch, seperate from the leveling control panel. Through much research, and help from the forum replies, and the people @ Warden Fluid Dynamics, I located a solenoid air release valve replacement, whew..., last valve they had on hand. It is NOW WOKING correctly!!! I'll tell you what, this MH business is all new to me. Very strange to have to sift through forums, trying different things, and calling company after company to locate parts. Anyway, it all worked out. Thanks much for all help & suggestions here. I'm not afraid to ASK for help, I just won't be much help, aparently, for quite a while to any of you. But...if I know the answer, I will be glad to return the help. Thank you all....
  4. Go to their web site to pre-order this RV GPS, on the Shopping Cart checkout page enter VIP in the Discount Code box. It's good for 20% off, which translates to $70.00!!!! I actually was unable to complete the transaction on-line, because the computer screen on my PC froze up at the Payment Page, so I called them @ 1-800-275-7263, and got to $70.00 discount. Go to their Internet Store option if you need to call them. I have no idea how long the VIP code will be good for, but it DID work for me today. The price dropped from $349.99 to $$279.99. Good luck.
  5. I took both fittings with the screens off, to see if that would work. Still no luck.
  6. I did follow his instructions, and the parking brake was set, yes. Still no activation going on. This morning my wife & I went out to see if we could find anything more about this problem. It's either a solenoid or air release valve "clicking" in the front of the HM firewall. As the switch is activated it "Clicks". It has screens and an air line going to it, so I am suggesting this is the problem. Now, where on earth will I get a replacement? Or...can I take it apart and clean it? It is marked; KIP INC. Valve No. 6 x 1014 Orifice 5/64 x 5/64 12 Volts 4904 MOPD 175 Wats 10 I've added a picture of it here. If you can help me, that would be much appreciated. Thanks
  7. I finally found a reference to it in the manual, and all it says is turn the key to "acc" like you said, and activate the switch. It's still not activating. Do you think it could be a relay or an air release valve failing? It's not doing anything at all.
  8. I am new to motorhoming, so please help me out here. I purchased a '06 Holiday Rambler Neptune. I'm going through all of it's functions, and it appears the air dump function is not working. Nothing happens when I activate the switch. Am I looking for a malfunctioning solenoid near the air tank? The fuse is OK, not broken. I also cannot find any reference to the function in the owners manual. Please help. Thanks
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